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Tweeted threats cause Mortal Kombat X producer to quit the social media service

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen a gaming-related personality and/or talent take leave of social media, and it probably won’t be the last.

So this is just plain sad. And though it’s a happening that makes me as upset as anything, it’s a hardly unique event that’s becoming disturbingly commonplace. Part of that is, of course, that Twitter in particular is pretty awful at handling this kind of stuff. Not that that’s new to the company mind you, as they’ve gone on record as saying that they have to do better with threats and abusive Tweeting.

Case in point:

Mortal Kombat X producer Shaun Himmerick has officially thrown in the Twitter-towel after receiving threatening messages from a ‘fan’ who went one step too far. Angered with the leaving out of his favorite characters in the game, this fan actually not only sent a threat to Himmerick, but went one step further and made some revolting commentary about his wife. Not cool at all, and that’s not to say that it would have been cool to throw some negative words at the man himself, but to verbally abuse his family is more than a bit too much.

So now Himmerlick is over and done with Twitter and that’s a shame. Twitter is a phenomenal engine for communicating news and info, as well as connecting with fans who genuinely want to learn more about the games that they love and , you know, talk to the creators. For one fan to kill that off for him (and potentially more people if anyone else follows suit) is aggravating, and just goes to further point out the one glaring weak point of Twitter as a platform.

I’m 100% against censorship in any form, but there’s got to be a way of giving someone the boot for making threats like this. It’s flat-out disgusting and it’s got to stop. If you’d like to read what exactly was said, click here for the MCV coverage of the event, as we won’t be publishing the Tweets here.

Source: MCV

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