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X-Men ’92 #1 hits the Warzones of Battleworld in June

This is probably the one part of Secret Wars that I’m looking forward to most- the return of the 90s X-Men.

“Toys. TV. Arcade games. Trading Cards. The X-Men were everywhere that year,” exclaims series co-writer Chad Bowers. “Kids who didn’t even care that comics existed were suddenly into the X-Men, and asking me questions about Gambit at recess. That was nuts and it blew my preadolescent mind, but it was also completely awesome! It’s a period that really resonated with and inspired countless fans, and X-Men ’92 is going to remind you why you were totally obsessed with it!”

Yeah, I’ll second that emotion. While I was already a comics fan, and a fan of the X-Men, I absolutely ate up the cartoon show and the team became (and still is) one of my favorite parts of the Marvel Universe and comics in general. I’m also secretly hoping that this resurgence of the most iconic version of the mutant strike team might herald something of a reinvention post-Secret Wars. I’m no fan of the line currently, and a return to form, with the inclusion of the best members of the group, would be awesome. Though I doubt that’s the case, here’s to hoping.

Anyway, in this specific storyline, Baron Kelly (it’s a part of Battleworld I think) is in command of the Westchester domain, and has commanded the Clear Mountain Project and their director to eliminate the mutant menace by any means necessary. Of course, that includes the X-Men, and that’s going to be easier said than done. Expect Mutant Rehabilitation to play a part here, as well as something called “Free Range Sentinels”.

X-Men ’92 #1 arrives this May from the team of Chris Sims and Chad Bowers, with illustration from Scott Koblish, and a cover piece by Pepe Larraz. The book will debut in Marvel’s Infinite Comics digital-only series before making landfall as a physical comic in June.

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