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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #13 (Comics) Review

The Buffy comic’s are not all that different to the TV show, same humor, mostly same characters and the same basic story line.

Buffy is not a normal girl, she is the Slayer, One girl chosen every life time, blah blah, the fans know the prologue all too well; basically Buffy is kick ass, and her friends, the scoobies, they aid her in saving the world for all kinds of evil big bad or an day to day basis. Created in 1997 by the amazing Joss Whedon, the seven season TV is still one of the most influential of our generation, with a massive fan base. After the television shows grand finale, Dark horse began releasing season 8, in comic book form, based a year after the events of the final episode. Recurring characters from the show, and new faces, make up some exhilarating and fascinating story lines that grip you dramatically, just as the TV series did.

This particular issue focuses on Buffy and Spikes unusual relationship, are they on? Are they off? Who knows! Popular favorites Willow, Xander and Andrew make their appearances, with witty remarks a plenty.
Spike thinks he has been killing innocents again, and instead of asking Buffy for help, he goes to Xander ( Wise Choice 😉 ). At Xander’s actually sound advice, Spike involves Willow and Giles, who then decide to do various supernatural test upon him to find if he really is killing again, yet unaware of it. While Xander takes Buffy to visit Andrew, who is feeling less than great after finally coming out of the closet to the gang via a snog with another man! Obviously Xander is using Andrew as a distraction for the others to solve Spikes little issue, but eventually the ever wise Buffy wises up, and so back to see Spike they go.
Final Thoughts.
Plot is good, more filler than thriller, but it is in-keeping with the usual Buffy story. Personally, I think Xander made this issue, His witty, and sometimes scathing remarks really make you chuckle. Well written, and good story, not a lot of action, but it was a pleasant read. filled in gaps, and related to the original story arc of the Buffy-verse really well. Would definitely recommend to Buffy fans, but maybe watch the show first if you’ve never seen or heard about the one true Slayer.

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