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The Nintendo Download brings Monster Hunter and more Moon Chronicles

Moon Chronicles’ FPS action finally continues and a very big demo arrives on the 3DS in this weeks Nintendo Download.

I have to admit, I loved Moon on the 3DS when it was released the first time by developer Renegade Kid. The game was one of the only FPS’ worth a play on Nintendo’s handheld and really still is. Even though the graphics are outdated, it’s still a great game and a fun time. Of course, now that it’s been re-done and rereleased there’s no need to head back to that older version.

The only thing is of course, the new edition of Moon (now Moon Chronicles) is hitting the eShop in drips and drabs thanks to its new episodic nature. And if you’ve been waiting for the second installment of the game, well then you’re very happy this week as it’s finally here. Oh, and if you’ve yet to grab a copy of the first episode, you can do so this week at a cool 50% off the price. Not too shabby.

It’s a big week in general on the 3DS eShop though as Monster Hunter 4 is here too, albeit in demo form. You can play in multiplayer or campaign, and get a solid taste for what the final game will offer when it launches on the console very soon. Capcom is hoping that this newest edition of the game will be a big hit with western audiences, so it’s very much worth checking out, especially for free.

The Majora’s Mask DLC is also available now to add onto your copy of Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U, Dig-Dug and Mappy Land have hit the Virtual Console on Nintendo’s home system, and a bunch of sales just started too. All in all, a pretty nice week for Nintendo gamers.

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
    • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Demo Version – Experience big game hunting with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo, now playable on Nintendo 3DS. Play alone in a robust single-player experience or join with up to three other players via a local connection or online via Wi-Fi to tackle hundreds of quests and take down ferocious monsters. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
    • Moon Chronicles – DLC – The three remaining episodes in Major Kane’s epic lunar journey are all available today for download, giving fans the opportunity to experience the entire season without delay. Players may purchase the new content individually, as separate episodes, or choose to purchase the Season Pass, which contains all three remaining episodes for a lower price. Clickhere to watch a trailer for Moon Chronicles.
  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U
    • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse – Pre-Purchase – You can now pre-purchaseKirby and the Rainbow Curse in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Upon your purchase in the Nintendo eShop, you can pre-load the game onto your Wii U console, and then you’ll be able to play after a small game update when it’s officially released in the Nintendo eShop on Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. PT.
    • Hyrule Warriors – DLC – The Majora’s Mask Pack is available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop for only $7.99 and includes new maps, costumes and the ability to play as Young Link and Tingle (Tingle!). The Majora’s Mask Pack is also part of the Hero of Hyrule Pack, the 4-Pack Hyrule Warriors DLC Bundle. The Hero of Hyrule Pack is available in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and at select retailers for a suggested retail price of $19.99, and includes the Majora’s Mask pack, two previously released DLC packs, a “Boss Pack” that will launch in March and a bonus in-game Dark Link costume.
  • Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS
    • Game & Watch Gallery 3 – With the third installment of the Game & Watch Gallery series, you can enjoy five different games in both their original and revised versions: EggTurtle BridgeGreen HouseMario Bros. and Donkey Kong Jr. There are also six extra games that can be unlocked and played in Classic mode.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • DIG DUG – Become Dig Dug as you drill and defeat all of the enemies to clear each stage. Defeat the deep-dwelling Pooka and Fygar by using the harpoon and pumping air into them, or by dropping rocks from above. Lure and defeat multiple enemies at once, and collect vegetables for bonus points.
    • MAPPY-LAND – Nyamco and his gang of felines have hidden birthday presents across MAPPY-LAND. Help Mappy find them and make it back to Mapico’s birthday party on time! Activate traps or use special items to distract the cats as you collect six of the same presents in each stage.


Nintendo eShop Sales:

Theme Shop on Nintendo 3DS:

  • New themes this week include:
    • Colorful Game & Watch
    • NES: Fire-Breathing Bowser
    • NES: Fire Mario

Price Reductions:

Also new this week:

In addition to video games available at retail stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their systems. Nintendo adds new games weekly to the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U console and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, the Nintendo DSi Shop for the Nintendo DSi system and the Wii Shop Channel for the Wii console.

The Nintendo eShop is a cash-based service that features a wide variety of content, including new and classic games, applications and demos. Users can add money to their account balances by using a credit card or purchasing a Nintendo eShop Card at a retail store and entering the code from the card. All funds from one card must be loaded in the Nintendo eShop on either Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, but can be used in either Nintendo eShop if the systems are linked to a single Nintendo Network account.

The Wii Shop Channel offers games and applications and uses Wii Points, which can be purchased via the Wii Shop Channel. The Nintendo DSi Shop offers games and applications and uses Nintendo DSi Points, which can be purchased in the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Remember that Wii U, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo DSi feature parental controls that let adults manage some of the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu orhttp://www.nintendo.com/3ds.

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