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Supernatural Season 10 Premiere Episode (TV) Review

This season has been long anticipated. With many breaks in filming in the previous season, and such an epic cliffhanger finale. This first episode of Season 10 had an awful lot of build up to it. For fans of the show, this review will include some SPOILERS.

‘Deanmon’ making his first appearance in the season 9 finale

So after the revelation that the Mark of Cain has in fact turned Dean into a demon, the damned thing he is supposed to despise and kill, we were all wondering ‘where will the Winchesters go from here’?

The show starts with Sam torturing a bound female demon for information on his missing brother and demanding a way to contact Dean or Crowley, who was of course the last person we saw with him, at the end of season 9. Then we see Sam seemingly researching human possession while looking at a note saying ‘Let it go’, apparently from Dean. A phone call later ensues bringing us up to date with Castiel’s activities since the end of the previous season.

We also find out that Sam is wearing a sling due to an injury a few weeks previously that Cas was involved in.  Cas’s continuous coughing leads us to believe his ‘borrowed’ grace may be running out as well. Highlights of the episode for me had to be ‘Deanmon’ wiping the blood off his dirty magazine after just brutally murdering some one, and his epic rendition of ‘I’m too sexy’ by the legendary Right Said Fred.

This episode felt like a really nice welcome to the season, but I felt may have left fans a little lacking on the action side of things. And it didn’t really introduce any major plot points of the season either, which I guess is to be expected, but still is a little disappointing. Sam and Dean haven’t actually met up with each other yet as of this episode as well and they so share no scenes together, which also doesn’t give us any indication of their chemistry for the show now Dean is playing the thing they are supposed to be hunting.

There was the introduction of a new hunter, one unfamiliar to Sam but he knew an awful lot about him. (I won’t spoil it too much 😉 ) Hannah also returns with Cas, while we have a little update on the Angels, who have almost all returned to heaven after finding Metatron’s door.

Final Thoughts. 

All in all, there were some classic Supernatural funny moments, including Dean and Crowley having a very important foosball match, but again, this episode did lack setting down some intro to the main plot of the season. Interesting was new character Cole the hunter, who I mentioned above and was introduced to the end of the episode. He does say he has some connection to Dean’s past, so hopefully we will see some of the ‘old’ Dean, as well as the new here in season 10.

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