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Mega Man, Ninjago and more in this week’s Nintendo Download

The Mega Man Battle Network comes to the Virtual Console along with a new LEGO Ninjago title and more.

Personally,  I’ve never been able to get into Mega Man Battle Network. I know the series has its fans, but the game is so radically different than what’s to be found in the core Mega Man games that it just doesn’t hit the spot for me. If it does for you though, you’ll  be happy to know that the first entry in the set of GameBoy Advance titles is here for the Wii U ‘s Virtual Console.

If you’re not into Mega Man Battle Network, you still might be in for some Mega good times though, as this release officially marks the beginning of the Mega Man celebration that Nintendo’s consoles have on tap for August. Every Thursday in the month will see a different Mega Man title released and Battle Network here in the start of it all. Let’s hope there’s a new one on the drawing boards for some time in the near future too.

Other than the blue bomber, there’s a little Ninjago action (based not eh cartoon show), some sales (including a solid one on Assassin’s Creed IV), and a host of smaller releases for you to check out. So have a peek at the full list below and then get set to make some downloads.

  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK – Lan and his extraordinary network navigator MEGA MAN.EXE are skilled computer operators who hack into the expansive network world and battle network crime. In this Game Boy Advance classic, defeat hackers and viruses in real time, while collecting Battle Chips that will help along the way. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
    • If you like Mega Man, then you’re in for a treat – a classic Mega Man game will release everyThursday in August in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U!
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
    • LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids – The popular LEGO® Ninjago video game franchise is back with high-kicking action and adventure. Based on the first five new episodes of the animated TV series, LEGO Ninjago Rebooted, players will battle and defend New Ninjago City, where the Ninjas face a technological threat by the evil Overlord and his robotic army of Nindroids. Play as your favorite Ninja and battle enemies with combo moves and attacks. Click here to watch a trailer for the game.
  • Nintendo eShop Sales
    • Darts Up 3D – Darts Up 3D is 67 percent off (reduced from $2.99 to $0.99) until 9 a.m. PT on Aug. 20 in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.
    • Sweet Memories – Blackjack – Sweet Memories – Blackjack is 30 percent off (reduced from $3.99 to $2.79) until 9 a.m. PT on Aug. 21 in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.
    • WAKEDAS – WAKEDAS is 34 percent off (reduced from $2.99 to $1.99) until 9 a.m. PT on Aug. 21 in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

Price reduction:

Also new this week:

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