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All-new Mountain Monsters intro’s the Bloodless Howler

Tonight’s episode of Mountain Monsters finds the boys from AIMS tracking a monster that can’t be harmed by ordinary means.

Bulletproof Bloodless Howler Monster Has Been Caught on Camera and It’s Terrifying

In this Friday’s all-new episode, following eyewitness leads and a fresh trail of physical evidence, AIMS sets out to capture a vicious canine-feline hybrid. Dubbed the Bloodless Howler due to the utter lack of blood found at the scene of its victims, this 400-pound predator has the head of a big cat and the body of a huge canine. Eyewitness reports dating back to 1929 contend that the creature may also be impervious to bullets, but AIMS intends to put this theory to the test as they track this killer through the frigid mountain winter toward their Asian tiger-box trap.

The chance that there’s an unknown cat-like predator in the mountainous regions of the US actually seems pretty legit. I can’t imagine that every single acre of land in the huge tracts that cover the American midwest and south have all  been even remotely explored to their fullest, and big cats have a way of surviving and eluding people. All you need to do is look at the cases of panthers in the country for proof of that.

Now, a bulletproof big cat? That seems just a little bit dubious. Never say never I guess though, and the AIMS team is aiming to find exactly that when they try and track down the Bloodless Howler on tonight’s episode. You can catch it at 10pm/9pm central time, on destination America.

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