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Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One) Review

“Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition” is a lot like a really good guacamole.

Mix it up with Juan and Tostada with couch Co-op in “Guacamelee! STCE”

“Guacamelee! STCE” is made up of a few simple core gaming elements such as Metroid-vania exploration, a story involving saving the princess and a robust combat system. And similar to making a good guacamole, there are some key ingredients that you just can’t skip.

Avocados, tomatoes, and a variety of spices mix together to make a delicious dip. Not so much with the foodstuffs, but design-wise Drinkbox Studios has created a wonderful game here. All the different elements of this action/exploration title combine together to provide an amazing overall adventure.

“Guacamelee! STCE” is the story of a want-to-be luchador down on his luck. Juan Aguacate is an agave farmer and tequila distiller… because a game with Mexican heritage cannot be without some tequila after all. Juan is in love with El Presidente’s Daughter, but he cannot earn her love until he becomes a luchador. It isn’t until the antagonist of the game, Carlos Calaca, captures El Presidente’s Daughter that Juan has an opportunity to prove he is worthy of the luchador mask and young lady’s love.

Platforming and exploration is pretty straightforward in “Guacamelee! STCE.” By far, the most exciting part of this game is the combat. In the Metroid series the only option for players during combat is to shoot everything. Point the gun and shoot the enemy. It definitely worked there of course, since Metroid is a certifiable classic of the genre. In modern games though, and even here in a side-scroller, it’s great to have more options and have a little added depth to what’s a traditionally a simple affair.

In Guacamelee, combat is not as complex as something like the Batman series (don’t get me wrong), but there is still a learning curve. Still though, you can do much more than just kick and punch as wrestling moves and all kinds of attacks will open up to you as you play. Once all the moves are mastered it is a complete blast to jump, punch and uppercut through the world of “Guacamelee! STCE.”

Final Thoughts

Drinkbox Studios has done a marvelous job at making this game.

I cannot gush enough, if you haven’t already noticed, about Guacamelee. There is plenty of comedy and great characters throughout Guacamelee! STCE, more than enough to keep your interest. Aside from all these great attributes too, Guacamelee! STCE is currently part of Xbox’s Games with Gold program. So Xbox One owners can download this game for free during the month of July. And if you find yourself One-less, Xbox 360 owners can also download the game for $14.99.

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