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Report – Crytek UK staffing issues Continue

According to various sources at Crytek, the indie Game developer behind the Crysis and Ryse series, are still facing money troubles and as such staff are no longer going to work.

This cant be good news are numerous reports are circulating which state that the company are having trouble paying staff on time. Crytek however have publically denied they are facing financial difficulties. Because of this reports are claiming that staff at Crytek’s UK offices are handing in grievance letters and going home. It’s rumored that over 100 people have left, however its unclear as to how many plan to leave permanently and how many would like to stay at Crytek. This cant be good news as has been reported recently this has been an ongoing issue. Its never good news when a company is facing financial troubles, however there may be a silver lining as rumor’s are circulating that Deep Silver are currently negotiating with Crytek to see what will happen next, Employees are reportedly hoping Deep silver will purchase the studio.

For now though staff at Crytek UK are in a state of Limbo.

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