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Sony overtakes Nintendo in global sales

With E3 mere hours away Sony, with help from the PlayStation 4, have leapfrogged over Nintendo in worldwide sales. This is the first time we have seen Sony outsell Nintendo since the days of the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Sony go into E3 ahead of the pack in the console wars by outselling Nintendo by 2.5 million hardware units(these ‘units’ include PS3, PS4 and all handheld devices).

The Sony Family

This huge serge of power behind Sony is mainly due to the PlayStation 4’s strong launch in mid November last year. However, the fall in the interest and the sales of Nintendo’s 3DS also has a large part to play in Sony’s rise to the top and Nintendo’s fall in sales by 31 percent. Even with the recent boost in sales of the Wii U, due to the release of their flagship series ‘Mario Kart  8’ which sold just over 1.1 million copies globally, was not enough to turn the company around heading into E3.

Mario ripping the track up

We all know heading into E3 everything can change but whether or not new announcements and releases can step up the game of Nintendo(and Microsoft) and push them back to the top of the totem pole remains to be seen. Or can Sony continue on this upward trajectory and remain the leader of the pack for the coming year. To keep up to date with all the news coming out of E3 in the coming days, stay on BrutalGamer.com.

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