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Introducing The PewDiePew Humble Weekly Bundle

PewDiePew celebrates a milestone by saving the children.

Another week, another weekly bundle from the folks at Humble Bundle.  This time, in honour of YouTube’s PewDiePew reaching 25 million subscribers, he has chosen 7 games for the new bundle, with proceeds from the sales going to Save The Children.  Here’s what you get for each tier: –

  • Pay What You Want – Surgeon Simulator 2013 with OST, Guacamelee: Gold Edition with OST and QWOP
  • Pay $6 or More – Speedrunners (Early Access) with OST and Garry’s Mod
  • Pay $10 or More – Probably Archery
  • Pay $15 or More – State of Decay

QWOP is Android only, Speedrunners and State of Decay are PC only via Steam and DRM free download.  All the other games are available for PC, Mac and Linux through Steam and DRM free download.  So, if you want some great games and the chance to give money to Save The Children, then give this bundle a look.

Humble Bundle website.

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