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Release the Kraken- the new trailer for Call of Duty’s Extinction campaign has arrived

A 100 foot tall sea monster? Par for the course for Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Extinction campaign.

Following the events of Nightfall, the Quick Reaction Force team has been sent in to investigate a high-tech ghost ship adrift in the South Pacific. They will find new weapons and items to aid their fight against the alien hoard. But new terrors also abound, such as the insidious wall-crawling “Seeder” and the skyscraper-sized “Kraken.” The epic four-part Extinction series returns with the all-new Episode 2: Mayday!

Lots of new stuff for the Extinction saga in this one; actually, lots of new stuff for Call of Duty ‘period’ in this one.  Even in the uber-popular Call of Duty: Zombies games and maps, there’s never been a map like this one. Not only are you out to sea fighting aliens on a ship, but you also have to face off against a massive sea-beast. Release the Kraken! …sorry.

Episode 2 of Extinction (subtitled ‘Mayday’) releases as a part of the Devastation pack which hits Xbox Live first on April 3rd, which is tomorrow. Expect to see PSN and PC releases of this one too, but a little ways down the road as there has yet to be a release date announced for those.

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