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Amazing X-Men #5 (Comics) preview

The Amazing X-Men have Nightcrawler back, but now they’ve got to face off against a marauding army of demons headed up by the dreaded Azazel.

This March, the most bombastic X-Book continues! Marvel is proud to present your first look at AMAZING X-MEN #5, from the critically acclaimed creative team of Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness! The X-Men have been reunited with their fallen brother Nightcrawler – but how long will the reunion last? Azazel and his fleet of hellish warships are advancing – set to pillage the afterlife for all eternity! Now, Nightcrawler – the most swashbuckling X-Man of all, must once again take up the sword to save the entire universe! And with his team of amazing X-Men at his back, there’s no stopping him! But as the battle for the afterlife commences, one of the X-Men must make the ultimate sacrifice. Don’t miss the next blockbuster issue of the series that has everyone talking when AMAZING X-MEN #5 hits the stands this March!

This is one of those stories that’d only makes sense in terms of the X-Men. The team literally goes to hell and fights off a whole mess of demons to rescue Nightcrawler. Personally, I’m pretty pleased that he’s back as Kurt has always been one of my favorite X-characters and the Marvel UNiverse really didn’t feel the same without him.

Now that he is back though, he might wish he wasn’t since he and the rest of the X-Men are headed into a collision with Azazel’s fleet of nasties in a fight for the afterlife itself. Yes, that’s crazy to the extreme, but this is the X-Men we’re talking about here; it’s par for the course.

Oh, and Ed McGuiness is ripping it up on this book. Seriously great stuff. Catch his artwork and the scripts of writer Jason Aaron when Amazing X-Men #5 *bamfs* onto the stands on March 26th.

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