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Respawn unveils a monster of a Titan for Titanfall Collector’s Edition

Yes, it’s PS4 day, but that didn’t stop EA from releasing a look at the massive mech that’ll be packed-in with the Collector’s Edition of the game.

At that size and with all the lighted bells and whistles, the Collector’s Edition Atlas is pretty much well worth a stand alone release. The fact that it’s ‘just’ a pack-in goodies for the CE edition of Titanfall really says a lot as to the amount of care that Respawn Entertainment is putting into the game and everything around it.

As someone who’s bought a ton of statues made for comic book characters over the years, I’m really impressed by this guy. Especially with the lighting; that’s just cool. If you want in on one, you can pre-order right now here– just be quick about it if you do want one, because these are actually limited (it’s not just a buzz-word) and they’ll probably be gone before you know it since Titanfall is being set up to be the Xbox One’s killer app.

Titanfall: Collector’s Edition will cost you $249.99 USD and can be reserved with a $50.00 deposit.

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