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New Bungie Podcast released, talks up Destiny’s Moon

Luna hangs in the Earth sky as a testament to what humanity used to be and the scourge that enveloped it when the Hive moved in.

If you’re a Bungie fan and a follower of what’s been happening with their newest game (and first multi-platformer for publisher Activision), then you’re going to want to have a listen to the latest Bungie podcast. Hosted by “Deej (David Dague) and Urk (Eric Osborne), community management from Bungie.net, and guest co-host Halcyon (John Stvan), graphic artist from Bungie.net”, the show talks about the mystery that Earth’s sole moon represents in the game.

What happened there in the world of Destiny has been a mystery since Bungie showed off human relics and an infestation of an alien colony called the Hive. While you won’t get all of the answers form the Bungie podcast, you will get some tantalizing teases at what might be and what you’ll find when you go there in the game.

Bungie also talks up some of the finer points of developing new IP’s and creating worlds on the new round of consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. When a company like Bungie goes on the record about that kind of stuff, it’s more than worth a listen as these are the guys behind one of the biggest properties in all of gaming- Halo.

Here’s a snippet:

Sam Jones

“In the general case for a destination, there will be three goals: it needs to have mystery, it needs to look good, and it needs to have a great context within the sense of our universe.”

“The central mystery of the Moon is, what is the Hellmouth, why is this alien race, the Hive, here and what happened to the humans that were here prior.”

“We want to show players, when they initially arrive on the Moon, regular, very familiar, lunar terrain and Moon settings…so then after that we can really hit them on the head with crazy exotic alien architecture.”

Ryan Ellis

[Re: next gen consoles] “It’s really freeing…you can do more stuff than you could ever do with your texture memory.”

“It’s enough like the [actual] Moon, that it feels like you would expect and that’s really a fine line to walk, between the familiar and the new. Any time you make anything too alien and too weird it’s kind of off-putting and these are places we want people to be excited about…we had to be really careful about that.”

Want more? You can hear the entire ‘cast by clicking here or looking up the Bungie podcast on iTunes. Destiny launches for the Xbox 360/One, PS3/4 and PC in 2014.

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