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WoW Loses 600k Subscribers In Q2

The world continues to become less populated.

The latest subscribers have been released for World of Warcraft, and things continue to be on the slide somewhat.  The latest figures show that current paying subscribers currently total 7.7 million people, a drop of 600,000 from the 8.3 million they announced 3 months prior.

It’s likely that Blizzard will announced the next WoW expansion at this year’s BlizzCon, and it will probably boost numbers a little again, but the days of over 10 million subscribers are clearly over.  However, when you consider the game is nearly 9 years old, those numbers still make for impressive reading.  It will be interesting to see what happens to those figures when BlizzCon has come and gone.

Source: WoW Insider

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  1. They’re going to have to announce something new with that kind of hemorraging.

    Seriously though, how much could WoW really have left in the tank? At this point it’s just incredible that its still around and as popular as it is.

  2. Well, it’s pretty much a given that the next expansion will be announced at BlizzCon. They’ll have to get it out the door not too long afterwards as well. That announcement will, at best, slow the decline in subscribers down. At one point, lots of my friends were playing and now only a couple do, and only from time to time. I’m spending less time playing it now than ever, and I’ve had a continuous subscription for nearly 7 years now.

  3. I tried to get into WoW when it first came out just because I loved Warcraft (and fantasy stuff in general) and it just didn’t do it for me.
    MMO’s mystify me in general though.

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