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Auto Club Revolution June patch pulls onto the starting line

The online racer boosts up gameplay from the technical angle and adds some new bells and whistles for gamers with the latest update.

Among the new additions to the free to play racer are some brand new effects, a “refreshed” hangout system, persistent lobbies and a bunch of little tweaks to make Auto Club Revolution purr like a kitten and run smoother all around.

Hangout re-factor: The hangout has been adjusted to the new style and reflects the new matchmaking system, making it easy to switch between cars. A button will change the view from Hangout view to Garage view and there will also be a toggle allowing a grid view of 6 cars or a detailed view of one car.

Lap time matchmaking: Multiplayer match making is now based on lap times rather than car VPR levels and races are no longer car restricted. This means that when searching for a multiplayer race, matches will be populated using a player’s lap times for tracks. Match making races will be displayed in three ways:

  • Green: You can join the race
  • Blue: You can join the race but with a different car
  • Red: your current lap time is outside the race parameter

New players who have not set any lap times will use the AI car lap times to populate races, until they set their own lap times for tracks.

New lighting effects on tracks: The lighting on all tracks has been updated, meaning that street lights will be reflected off wet surfaces and brake pads will glow when overheating.

Race again:Also known as “persistent lobbies”, this will enable players to keep the group together and start a new race without having to go back to the hangout.

F1 style gear change indicator:We now have a gear change indicator right under the rear mirror to reflect real-life motorsports and to make sure you do not lose attention when checking your revs.

2 new assist options:Players can now switch off two more assists. One is the steering support which so far could only be switched off for wheels. Now gamepad users and keyboard users can switch it off, too, in the settings section of the homepage, and in the pause menu of the client. The second one is Rev Matching. This is (and always has been) on by default. Advanced users can switch it off. They will then experience a greater breaking effect when switching to a lower gear, but will also encounter a jerking effect when it happens.

Start your engines race fans, this update is live and ready to race right now. You can login, or join up, right here.

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