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Hulk out with an all jade giant Minimate box set

Diamond Select is prepping an all-Hulk, all-star box set of Minimates for release very soon- whatever Hulk you dig, there’s probably one in the box.

From Las Vegas enforcer Joe Fixit to futuristic despot The Maestro, from the peace-seeking Barbarian Hulk to the rage-filled Composite Hulk, the four Minimates in this set represent the Hulk at his best and worst, and thanks to the Hulk’s unique psychiatric problems, each could be called a different character, and not just a costume change. (Although the Maestro does come with an interchangeable cape and helmet, while Joe Fixit has a interchangeable shirt and hair.)

This is a pretty awesome set for Hulk-sters (sorry)! Though DST decided to  include the composite red/green Hulk instead of individual versions of those characters, the result was a trio of other slots for some lesser known, but no less awesome Hulk personas.

Personally, my favorite of the bunch is Mr Fixit. I always had a soft spot for the gray Hulk anyway and I loved the McFarlane take on the character from his short runs on the book. Whatever your fave Hulk is though, definitely keep your eyes open, because the Hulk Through the Ages box set will on store shelves soon. Want to make sure you get one? You can commence preordering right this very second at your local comics shop.

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