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Halo 4 ‘Forge Island’ DLC Out Now

The new Halo 4 DLC comes out earlier than expected.

A new piece of Halo 4 DLC is available now for free.  The new ‘Forge Island’ was originally scheduled for April 11th, but has passed certification already and can be downloaded now.

The DLC adds a new Forge Island, which was created due to fan demand, to the game’s Forge mode.  Weighing in at 155MB, the map has 3 large islands on it with flat surfaces, with a large body of water separating them from each other.  This will create some great new opportunities for some interesting creations for those Forge dwellers amoung you.

Source: CVG

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  1. Never got into ‘forge mode’. Looks like cool stuff though and the islands could be really neat for creations leaning more towards sniping or flying.

  2. This map looks interesting can’t wait to see what players are going to create on this map

    Check out my blog post about Forge Island, and check out my blog that is dedicated to FPS games


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