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SFxT Minimates round 2- MiniFight!

DST brings the World Warriors and Kings of the Iron Fist back for another round of brutal Minimate combat.

Series 2 of the popular little guys includes some of the heaviest hitters from both Capcom and Bandai/Namco’s gaming universes. You know what? I totally didn’t realize that Ryu and Kazuya didn’t make it into series 1. Looking back, that’s kind of stunning isn’t it?

Well, in any event they’re here now. Together with their battlin’ pals, Ryu and Kaz help to make up a total of 6 new 2-packs with a roster of 12 new fighters that’d look just fantastic on your games shelf.

Series 2 includes:
Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
Abel vs. Kazuya
Rufus vs. Julia (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)
Chun Li vs. Hwoarang (comic shop and specialty store exclusive)
Hugo vs. Heihachi (Toys “R” Us exclusive)
Rolento vs. Kuma (Toys “R” Us exclusive)

Look for series 2 of Street Fughter x Tekken Minimates to hit specialty and comic shops, as well as Toys R Us’ next month- just in time to battle it out in your stocking!

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