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Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard (iOs) Review

Cursed crews, elusive ghosts, ancient jewels…..the Jangada is not your average cruise ship.

As you begin Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard, you are met with a letter from a millionaire who wants you to do a little job for him. The Jangada is a mysterious ship that last set sail almost forty years ago, never to be heard from again. No one knows why, no one knows what happened to the crew or passengers, and those that try to find out seem to meet with a terrible end. But, the millionaire wants to uncover the mystery of the Jangada, and as a fearless investigator, you are hired to visit the Jangada in its resting place deep in the Amazon. You don’t know what you’ll find there, but it’s a safe bet that it isn’t pretty.

As you begin your adventure on the dock of the Jangada, things are pretty creepy from the start. You’ll have to make your way onto the ship, explore every nook and cranny, and figure out what the heck happened there. Along the way, you’ll have the help of a ghostly little girl who leaves all sorts of cryptic messages for you. Figuring out what happened to her and her family is the key to solving the Jangada’s mysteries. While I won’t do any spoiling, I will say that the story is a good one that leaves you guessing. While I am not usually a fan of too much story getting in the way in hidden object adventures, I do think the story should move the game along and give you motivation for your searches. Since the story in Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard is such an intriguing one, I found myself wishing they would have expanded on it a little more than they did. Still, it serves it’s purpose to move you along in the game and keep you searching.

The hidden object jumbles in Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard are of the standard hidden object adventure type, which is generally a good thing (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). You’ll wander around the ship, searching for the next piece of the puzzle. When you’ve found it, a hidden object jumble will allow you to add the item to the inventory. These involve a list of items to find in a set screen. Most of the items you need to find are a mix of obvious and challenging, which makes for a good balance of quick finds and intense searching. You can zoom in and out if you need to search closely, and there is a hint feature for those times that you get lost. Once you’ve unlocked the item, you’ll need to find out where it needs to be used, and the process starts again. There are some mini games here and there (that are skippable), but the main emphasis of game play remains solidly on finding hidden objects.

Final Thoughts:
Epic Adventures: Cursed Onboard does hidden object adventure quite well. The jumbles are challenging, but not overly so. The story is engrossing, but not quite as much as it could have been. The environments on the ship, and even the items you have to search for, do a great job of giving off the creepy, haunted vibe the story alludes to. While it might be a little scary for more suggestive children, there really isn’t much for objectionable content in the game, and children around eight and up should be able to safely enjoy some spooky fun (as soon as their parents are done with it, that is).

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