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Epic shopping Gears of War movie again

Looks like Epic is looking to revive prospects for the dead (or at the very least, comatose) Gears of War movie.

Videogame movies just don’t have much in the way of luck do they? In the long drawn out, grandiose history of film there’ve been what- two or three ‘good’ flicks based on gaming properties?

That might be generous actually… but I digress because Epic is giving it the old college try once again and trying to let loose the COG’s of War- live action style. In a report out of H-town today, the publisher’s reps at CAA (Creative Artists Agency) have meetings coming up over the next few weeks with a bunch of different production houses. The goal, of course, is to bring Marcus Fenix and co. to the big screen.

You might not remember the first stab at the Gears movie, but actually wasn’t all that long ago. In 2007 New Line Cinema (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) took on the project and got pretty deep with it assembling a not-so-great team of all-stars to produce, write and direct. With the Hobbit’s expansion into a trilogy, there isn’t all that much room left on New Line’s plate though and the Gears movie is pretty much dead as far as they’re concerned.

So that’s where the re-shop comes in. Gears of War is just as big as it’s ever been with the third game in the first trilogy capped off last year and the prequel Judgement set to debut next year, it might just be a very good time to gage some interest in the film industry.

One more interesting note- according to gamesindustry International, Cliff Bleszinski was originally the Executive Producer for the movie while it was still with New Line. Since he’s recently left Epic, it’s anyone’s guess what his involvement might be with a GoW movie.

Source: gamesindustry International

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