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Suggestions on how to get your games for cheaper from Frugal … er, Brutal Gamer’s own master penny-counter!
Posted 10 Jul 2011 | Editorials, Featured Articles, News | 0 Comments

Activision To Reveal New James Bond Title At San Diego Comic-Con

A press invite sent out by Activision to announced the games that will be at San Diego Comic-Con reveals a new James Bond title that will be shown off for the first time at the show.
Posted 09 Jul 2011 | industry, News | 0 Comments

D.A.R.K. (iOS) Review

A BrutalGamer.com review
Posted 09 Jul 2011 | iphone, iPhone Reviews, News, Reviews | 0 Comments

Puzzle Agent 2 (Mac) Review

TellTale Games’ Puzzle Agent 2 picks up where the first Puzzle Agent left you hangin’. Can this sequel/final chapter provide both the engaging storyline and challenging puzzles in the first offering, or does it fall short of the high expectations garnered by its successful precursor?
Posted 09 Jul 2011 | Mac, News, PC Reviews, Reviews | 0 Comments

LG: The Days Of The Dedicated Gaming Handheld Are Over

Would you expect to hear anything less from a smartphone maker?
Posted 08 Jul 2011 | 3DS, Android, DS, iphone, News, PS Vita, PSP | 3 Comments
limbo coming to psn

Limbo Hits The PSN On July 19th

Last week we got word that Limbo would launch on the PSN, today the PlayStation Blog has put some concrete dates on that launch and it’s coming sooner than you might think.
Posted 08 Jul 2011 | News, PS3 | 1 Comment
battlefield 3 ep3 trailer

Battlefield 3 PC specs revealed

That moment when you realize your computer can run the game at the recommended settings.
Posted 08 Jul 2011 | News, PC | 2 Comments

After Tomb Raider Crystal Dynamics Will Develop A New IP

During the first episode of Crystal Dynamics’ first podcast “The Crystal Habit” Darrell Gallagher, CD’s studio head, revealed that the studio will be looking at doing a new IP after Tomb Raider is released.
Posted 08 Jul 2011 | industry, News, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments

Powerslide Penguin (iOS) Review

The penguin’s name is Penn Gywnn.  Get it?  Penguin… Penn Gwynn?
Posted 08 Jul 2011 | iPhone Reviews, Reviews | 0 Comments

Take-Two Trademarks “Rockstar Films”

Sounds like we might be getting Grand Theft Auto The Movie in the future.
Posted 08 Jul 2011 | industry, News | 0 Comments
la noire reefer madness dlc

Reefer Madness Overtakes LA Noire Next Week

Grab yourself a big cardboard box full of Reefer Madness DLC next week.
Posted 07 Jul 2011 | News, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments
wii u e3 hardware pics (8)

Gearbox: Wii U is a “Cool Stop Gap” Before the Next Generation

Speaking to IGN Gearbox’s Brian Martel said that the Wii U was a “smart” move by Nitendo and described the system as a “really cool stop gap” before the next generation of consoles.
Posted 07 Jul 2011 | News, Wii U | 0 Comments

Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the Mississippi Review (PC)

Mark Twain and William Shakespeare. What else do you need?
Posted 07 Jul 2011 | Featured Articles, News, PC, PC Reviews, Reviews | 0 Comments
ps4 rumor

Rumor: Production On PS4 To Start This Year

Those ten year plans don’t seem to last as long as they used to.
Posted 07 Jul 2011 | News, PS3, Rumor | 0 Comments

Sony Announce PSN Summer Sale

Get some PSN gaming in on the cheap.
Posted 07 Jul 2011 | industry, News, PS3 | 2 Comments
dishonored game informer cover

Bethesda Announces “Dishonored” For Xbox 360, PS3, and PC

A new stealth / action adventure title from the makers of Deus Ex and Arx Fatalis.
Posted 07 Jul 2011 | News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | 2 Comments
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