Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (PS3) Review

The world is in peril (Of course it is!). Only Generator Rex can fight the EVO’s, save his friends, and kick some major Van Kleiss butt. It’s on!
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wii u console front

Rumor: EA pushing to have Wii U use Origin exclusively for digital downloads is reporting that a tipster at Electronic Arts has told them that not only is EA helping Nintendo develop the Wii U’s online service, but the company is hoping to sign a deal with Nintendo to have Origin be the console’s digital games distribution platform.
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battlefield 3 multiplayer

Bans for Battlefield 3 glitchers

EA has come down hard on cheaters in BF3′s multiplayer
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The current king of the FPS

Modern Warfare 3 Opening Week Revenues In UK Are The Highest For Any Entertainment Title Ever

Not surprisingly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 topped the UK’s weekly sales charts last week bringing in more revenue than last year’s Black Ops. This makes it the highest grossing opening week for any entertainment title ever in the UK.
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Dead Island

Dead Island Bloodbath Arena Gets Dated

Zombie killing game gets it’s first DLC.
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Even Arkham City was open for exploration... and beatings

Batman: Arkham City bug reportedly deletes saves

B:AC’s forums are lighting up with reports that a bug is allegedly deleting save files at random
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EyePet & Friends (PS3) Review

A BrutalGamer review.
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Kids and Technology

Being a parent and a gamer it’s sometimes hard for me to say “no” to my kids when it comes to encouraging them to learn about and use technology and video games.
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Brutal Gamer Podcast: #83 Modern Tea Party 3

Would you care for a drink?
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Skyrim texture glitch confirmed, looked into

Bethesda’s latest masterpiece has a bug, surprise, surprise
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Shinobi Hacks up the 3DS with Launch Trailer

2D meets 3D as Sega’s classic Shinobi franchise gets ready to wall jump onto retail shelves everywhere.
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Brimstone Angels (Book) Review

Brutal Gamer examines the newest book in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms series, and discusses how gamers can relate.
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Hot Modern Warfare Headset Unboxing Action

With it’s release just a little under a week ago, Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 is already setting all kinds of sales records. Now headset manufacturer Turtle Beach is joining in on the fun with some branded phones you might want to take a peek at.
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1950s Lawn Mower Kids (DSiWare) Review

If you think mowing the lawn is a tough chore today, won’t you consider how rough the poor lawn mower kids from the 1950s had it?
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NPD Reports 1% Increase In U.S. Video Game Sales During October

Sales of new video game hardware, software and accessories in the U.S. were up 1% last month to $1.08 billion when compared to October 2010, according to a report released by the NPD Group. For the year overall sales are now expected to come in flat to down by no…
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Want Beyond Good & Evil 2? Ubisoft Says Buy Rayman Origins

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is no longer a game, it’s now become a marketing carrot dangled in our faces to lead us to buy other non-BG&E2 games from Ubisoft.
Posted 11 Nov 2011 | industry, News, Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 | 0 Comments
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