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Dead Island Definitive re-releases with tribute

Dead Island Def Collect-DE_09

Remember that trailer? The one with the family trying to escape the hordes of the first Dead Island? Publisher Deep Silver does, and has produced a tribute video in honor of the games’ re-release in the Dead Island Definitive Collection.

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Extra Life teams with HumbleBundle

Extra Life

Those of you who have been following us for a while, know that several of us enjoy raising money for Extra Life. Well, some of our favorite outlets are teaming up again. HumbleBundle is running another sale, this time on Ubisoft titles. For the next 12 days (approximately), you have …

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InSomnia will not be held down


So chances are good that you may not have heard of this next game. InSomnia.  I hadn’t either, until recently… InSomnia RPG is a dystopia carried out in a murky, retrofuturistic style. The game takes place on a colossal, semi-deserted interplanetary space station. Having left their dying planet behind, this …

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Postal Redux (PC) Review

postal redux logo

Who doesn’t want their mayhem in HD? There are few games more fitting than a description of BRUTAL. With Postal Redux (as well as the Postal series, if you are not familiar) there is no great plot scheme. No grand story. A guy lost his job, lost his car, lost …

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TransOcean 2: Rivals (PC) Review

Trans Ocean 2 logo

Defeat your rivals and take the lead in the shipping industry! From developer Deck13 Hamburg and publisher astragon Entertainment GmbH comes TransOcean 2: Rivals. While the first TransOcean game showed you what it was like to found and run your own shipping company in realtime, TransOcean 2: Rivals takes things …

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Doom (Xbox One) Review


Do you like violence, big guns, heavy metal, bloodshed, and have a particular distaste for demons and the legions of Hell? Then Bethesda and Id Software have just the game for you! Do you like violence, big guns, heavy metal, bloodshed, and have a particular distaste for demons and the …

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7 Days to Die coming to PS4 and Xbox One


The survival genre is getting a new addition to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 this  summer with the release of 7 Days to Die, developed by The Fun Pimps and published by Telltale Games. World War 3 has occurred and it has left a desolate and barren wasteland where …

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Nacon to demo their Alpha Pad at E3

nacon alpha pad

Did you know that eSports is getting its own gaming controller?  Veteran peripheral maker Nacon just introduced the world’s first eSports ready gamepad… Now, for the most part, gaming controllers have always been pretty straight forward. A D-pad or two for momentum, and the typical A,B,X,Y (or Circle, Square, Triangle, …

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Xbox Live Games with Gold announcement for June

Games with Gold Program

The Xbox Live Games with Gold for June have been announced. Gamers must have a Xbox Live Gold account to download these games. The following games will be available for download starting June 1st, Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios.  Run, jump, buck and ram your way through fun and …

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Faith #1 (Comics) Preview


One of Valiant Comics’ brightest new stars has her own ongoing, starting with July’s Faith #1. While it doesn’t ship for a few months yet, you can get a sneak peek at the first issue right now!

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