Future Assassin’s Creed titles to have longer development time

With the Ezio and Altair storylines wrapping up in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Desmond’s story ending before December 2012, Reveloation’s creative lead Alexandre Amacio told Eurogamer that the studio has shifted their development cycle to allow for more time between titles.
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Hector season pass winners announced!

Did you make the cut?
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03 – Pixel! (Arkedo Series) (PS3) Review

Sometimes, the third time isn’t always quite as charming.
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NPD estimates total U.S. spending on video games hit $4.5B in Q2 2011

The NPD Group released the results of a new report today showing that the total amount spent on video games in the U.S. during the second quarter 2011 was up 1% over last year, at an estimated $4.5 billion.
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infinity blade

Infinity Blade sharpened up

ChAIR Entertainment brings new content to original iOS game
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Making Magic….In The Kitchen

The cooking mama franchise has long been a favorite for casual gamers and fans of females in the kitchen. Now you can cook dinner virtually while cooking dinner in reality (which isn’t nearly as much fun)…….in 3D!
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long live play

Sony’s Long Live Play campaign fully revealed, but don’t get excited

If you were expecting some big hardware/software announcement with Sony’s Long Live Play ad campaign, brace yourself for massive disappointment.
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A Difficult Question

The most common choice offered to players upon starting a new game is the difficulty; Easy, normal, hard or some variant are the most frequent options, though “casual” and “insane” often get dropped in depending on the title. The issue of difficulty in games tends to be raised periodically among…
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Treyarch job listing says studio is bringing their “hugely successful game to a new console”

Hugely successful game… New console…. Whatever could it mean? <cough>Black Ops/Wii U<cough>
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FIFA 12 cover

FIFA 12 reportedly sells 3.2 million in a week

23% increase in first week sales for this year’s FIFA
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Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II video up

Infinity times 2?
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iphone 4s

Apple announces iPhone 4S, launching Oct 14th

Disappointing investors who were expecting an iPhone 5 reveal, Apple announced today a redesign of their current iPhone that will launch on October 14th starting at $199 for 16GB, or up to $399 for 64GB.
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call of duty modern warfare 3

New Modern Warfare 3 Screenshot Released

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 almost upon us Activision has opened up the flood gates on assets and released one new screenshot.
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tomb raider artwork

Tomb Raider Digital Art Exhibit Celebrates 15 Years Of Breaking Vases

The original Tomb Raider launched back in October 1996, which makes this the 15th anniversary of the franchise. To celebrate Crystal Dynamics is putting on a digital art exhibition and has commissioned eight original pieces of artwork to be created by artists and released throughout the month, ending with a new piece…
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Crysis launches today on XBLA/PSN, launch trailer launches right now

The original Crysis hits your favorite HD console today, which mean only one thing. It’s launch trailer time my babies!
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Cliff Bleszinski not “burnt out” on Gears of War

Speaking to Develop, Cliff Bleszinski revealed that despite having just wrapped up Gears of War with the third game in the series he is not yet done with the franchise and is considering taking the next title in a different direction.
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