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Warby Parker and Kill Screen Present Worbs


Move over Gunnar, there is a new eyewear product for gamers entering the ring. Warby Parker and Kill Screen are promoting their limited-edition glasses, the Burke, as well as their new video game, Worbs. Debuting their best-selling glasses in a new, glacier grey hue, they’re also have lenses with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings—which conveniently reduce the …

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Upcoming Right of Man DLC for Europa Universalis IV


Paradox Interactive’s latest DLC pack is on the way Yesterday, a new DLC pack, titled Rights of Man, was announced for the Grand Strategy game Europa Universalis IV. Paradox is well known for releasing massive amounts of DLC for its game, so this rather expected. After all, there are now …

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Bespin DLC Temporarily Free for Star Wars Battlefront


Cloud City will be freely accessible for the weekend Star Wars Battlefront deceived quite a bit of flak for its rather pricey season pass. At $50, nearly as expensive as the base game, many people thought that it was too much. EA, while not having fully won over fans, has …

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Heart&Slash (PC & Mac) Review


Heart&Slash: Another entry into a thriving genre Roguelikes are a genre that have made a tremendous comeback in recent years. After several sleeper hits in 2011 and 2012, the concept behind Roguelikes have been revived and experimented on. Heart&Slash is the most recent in a very long line of Roguelikes …

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