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Episode 26: The Return of the Duke

Erich, Rick and Jason sit down to chat about the Nintendo news of the week, including a new Nintendo Direct. The guys also talk about Rick’s Frankenstein statue and more. Most importantly, I think, the guys talk about the Duke! Take a listen below or catch us on iTunes!

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Nintendo is Getting Cardboard Peripherals and…uh…

Nintendo dropped a neat little trailer on Wednesday afternoon detailing a new concept the videogame company is bringing to market. Labo? More like Lamo! Nintendo dropped a trailer for its latest creation, Nintedno Labo, on Wednesday afternoon. The product brings together model making and the Switch to bring crazy functionality …

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One: 12 Collective Frankenstein (Action Figure) Review

Frankenstein One 12 Collective

Rising from the dead, the iconic monster Frankenstein makes his One:12 Collective debut from Mezco. Frankenstein is a simple figurine, but don’t let that scare you away from picking him up. It’s alive. IT’S ALIVE! This figurine is based on the 1931 film from Universal, “Frankenstein.” This black and white …

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Return of the Duke

This March (maybe), coming to a retailer near you. Is the highly anticipated (or perhaps not) return of the least popular controller is console history. The Duke. Or the Original Xbox’s first controller as most will know it. I’m one of the few in this world who actually found this …

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January 2018 Nintendo Direct Mini: Reboot and Relive

Nintendo Direct Mini

This morning’s surprise Direct came from (almost) nowhere, and presented a collection of announcements mainly squared at beefing the Switch library with remakes and remasters.  Some of the Wii U’s greats will be joining a DS JRPG classic and a couple notable 3rd party additions in the first half of …

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Episode 25: Vamps and Amps

Brutal Podcast 4

Howdy, all! The gang is back this week to talk about some of this week’s gaming news. We go over new Nintendo eShop games, sales, a Red Skull statue and much more. This is a good show, so take a listen!

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