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The fine art of subversion detailed in new Sherlock Holmes trailer

Disguises and false identities lead to all new choices for cracking cases for the consulting detective.
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Batman Arkham Knight finally has release date

We have waited in great anticipated, Rocksteady have finally announced Arkham Knight  will be released June 6th of next year. Originally the game was due for release this Autumn, but it was announced at E3 it would be pushed back to February ’15. Obviously this was still not enough time…
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Montalbano Collection Two (DVD) Review

A little while ago we reviewed Montalbano Collection One, now it’s time to check out the second of the six releases of this police detective.
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Airwolf Season Four (DVD) Review

A few months ago we reviewed the first three seasons of Airwolf and we enjoyed it. Now it’s time to look at the release of the reboot fourth season.
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Plastic (DVD) Review

From the student like in the UK a small team head to Miami for a scam to get themselves out of a hole and out from under a crime boss.
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Doctor Who: The Complete Series 1-7 (Blu-ray) Review

Doctor Who is one of Britain’s most popular television franchises so we take a look at an all you can eat buffet of The Doctor’s adventures through time and space.
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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (PS3) Review

Plants vs Zombies started off as a cultural phenomenon and turned into one of the most viral gaming franchises of recent years. Now we look at the Sony releases of the newest game in the series.
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Spider-Man goes horrific in Edge of the Spider-Verse #4

Not all Spider-Men (or Women) from throughout the multiverse are all that heroic. Some are actually pretty horrible… things.
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Dead Rising 3 hits PC today

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition, previous a Xbox One exclusive, is now available on PC. Combine weapons and fight your way through hoards of zombies. Apocalypse Edition comes with the DLC known as “The Untold Stories Stories of Los Perdidos”. A new launch trailer has also been released alongside the…
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Goro to strong-arm Mortal Kombat X in Spring, 2015

A pair of big announcements hit this week for the forthcoming Mortal Kombat X from developer NetherRealm. Not only is original four-armed menace Goro confirmed for the game, but fans’ve now got a definite date to look forward to for the game too.
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Feature Friday: Unethical activity in video game journalism

Recent events such as the Zoe Quinn controversy have brought to light a major problem with video game journalism.
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Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct

Nintendo’s Bayonetta 2 focused Nintendo Direct has has been posted today, it highlights various traditional and new aspects of the game. In the trailers we can see returning characters like Rodin, Enzo, and even Luka. Bayonetta also sports a fancy new white outfit, she looks like she belongs on a…
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As Above, So Below (Movie) Review

The catacombs are an eerie place, hidden deep underneath the ground in Paris.
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Minecraft finally has release date for PS4 and Xbox One

After so many push backs for this release, including the Ps4 version failing the certification process for Sony. Playstation France has tweeted that Minecraft will be available on PSN store today at some point, and news states that Xbox One edition will be released September 5th. PlayStation France ‏@playstationfr  39m # Minecraft…
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T-Bone out for “Bad Blood” in new Watch_Dogs DLC

Ubisoft has announced new DLC for Watch_Dogs, titled “Bad Blood.” In this DLC, players will take the role of T-Bone, one of the few of Aiden’s friends/enemies/frienemies. The new DLC will be available for purchase on September 30 while season pass owners will get access a week earlier on September…
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More Shulk in Famitsu scans

Famitsu scans are in, and our favorite monado wielding hero is appearing in them next to Little Mac. A translation for the scans has also surfaced. The new scans illuminate the nature of Shulk’s fighting style in Super Smash Brothers. The various monado arts that he can employ influence the…
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