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Juri Kicks Into Street Fighter V This July


The next character to be added to the Street Fighter V roster is Juri. Wearing her skin tight motorbike leathers, Juri looks to use her leg based moves to beat her competitors. Time to kick it up a notch: Juri looks like a rather combo heavy character with some interesting …

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A Gary Busey to Kill: Hitman Goes to the Movies

A Gary Busey to Kill: Hitman Goes to the Movies

The fans have spoken AND they would like to kill Gary Busey. To be precise, they would like to strangle (or pick a more creative choice) a Busey inspired target in Square Enix’s Hitman. The Point Break star earned the right to be assassinated, beating close contender Gary Cole. Square Enix’s Choose Your Hit campaign …

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Berserk Dynasty Warriors to Have Western Release


The latest trials of the Black Swordsman are coming to the west. Dynasty Warriors is a long running series that has had more than a few spin offs. The most recently announced one, however, Berserk (working title) is due to be one of the most unexpected. In the west, it …

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SDCC: More Injustice 2 Characters to be Revealed


Injustice 2 is the upcoming fighting game from Netherealm studios, the makers of Mortal Kombat. Fans have been wondering who the next superheroes or supervillains will be next for the roster. Turns out another two characters will be announced at San Diego Comic-Con. On twitter, Ed Boon spoke saying: “Come …

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The Slow Death of Battleborn?


Gearbox’s hybrid moba/ shooter Battleborn hasn’t exactly had the best of times. Though it had a strong start, numbers are starting to dwindle for the colourful shooter. On the PC version of the game, the player base has dropped below 1000. On the steam charts, Battleborn has only 451 active players, …

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2016 Game Critic Awards announced

game critic awards

2016 Game Critic Awards E3 2016 has once again come and gone, and the critics have let their opinions known. Check out the list of this year’s ‘Bests’: Best of Show The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo/Nintendo for Wii-U/NX) Best Original Game Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment …

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Furi (PS4) Review

Furi Review

Some games market themselves as a challenge. They taunt the gamer, daring them to step into their world and attempt to survive. The greats, like Dark Soul, pride themselves on providing a grueling but fair trial by fire. Others, like Battletoads, become notorious due to a lack of the latter. So, where …

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