Sony Accidentally Deletes List of Contest Winners

Sony continues to be plagued by technical issues. This past December, Sony offered a chance to win one of the limited edition PS4s to those in Japan who purchased a PS3, PS4, PS Vita, or Vita TV until January. The purchasers would receive a calendar with a special code that…
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New gameplay trailer for Zombie Army Trilogy

A new trailer for Zombie Army Trilogy featuring gameplay has been released. In the trailer, the development team at Rebellion gives a little backstory and as well as some tips on how to survive during the Nazi zombie outbreak. Set during World War II, Hitler has found a way to…
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PS v Xbox

PlayStation Dominates January Digital Sales

Forget console wars, a bigger indicator of console success is title sales, and currently PlayStation is edging Xbox out. Superdata, a market research company that aggregates data on games and playable media, just released a report that found players spent twice as much on PS3/PS4 games than Xbox 360/One during…
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We Happy Few is a mod, ’60s era creepfest

Contrast developers Compulsion Gamestakes the wraps off their newest title, the very creepy looking We Happy Few.
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Spring Fever Hits PlayStation March 3rd

Spring is in the air and on the PlayStation Blog. Sony just announced the 2015 Spring Fever sale and this year it will be eight weeks long and feature eight new games. The Sale is PlayStation’s way of highlighting the benefits of PS Plus as well as debut digital-only PlayStation…
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apotheon feature

Apotheon (PS4) Review

Apotheon is a 2D adventure platformer, reminiscent of Castlevania and Metroid, that capitalizes on style and story to push beyond genre limitations.
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the evil within logo

The Assignment brings the horror of The Evil Within back to consoles and the PC

Step into the shoes of Juli Kidman, The Evil Within main character’s Sebastian Castellanos’ partner, in The Assignment DLC pack.
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Batman Arkham Knight

The rogues of Gotham have claimed the city as their own in Batman: Arkham Knight

The newest trailer for the third entry in the Batman: Arkham series takes a villainous twist.
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Hand of Fate 2015-02-12 18-18-44-03

Hand of Fate (PC) Review

Jack’s of all trades are usually masters of none. Hand of Fate though is a master of every single one of them and a can’t miss game.
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Renegade Kid brings some Metroidvania fun to PC’s today with Xeodrifter

Yes, I know the term is kind of over-used, but Metroidvania is kind of the perfect description of what developer Renegade Kid has cooked up with Xeodrifter… along with maybe calling it a bit Blaster Master-esque.
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Oddworld remake ONNT_SCRAB_4K

Oddworld: New n’ Tasty (PC) Game Review

Hold on, things are about to get odd… Oddworld that is, as the remade adventure of Abe arrives in the form of Oddworld: New n’ Tasty for the PC.
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Seven deadly new reasons to play Rebellion’s Zombie Army Trilogy

A new teaser trailer has been released by Rebellion and showcases all the new additions to their upcoming title, Zombie Army Trilogy. The popular third-person shooter is set in World War II. It seems as though Hitler has found a way to raise the dead and turns his army into…
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Let’s have a chat about gameplay length in Triple-A titles

With the release of The Order 1886 coming up, and the semi-furor about the length of the game kicking up this past week, the BG team had a little chat about the subject. And it’s not nearly as cut and dry as you might think.
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Is Rock Band getting ready to tour again?

Are you ready to rock? I said, are you ready to ROCK?! …well, how about just playing a new version of Rock Band? Could you be ready for that?
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Dying Light 2

Get the most out of your apocalypse with these Dying Light dev tip videos

Fighting zombies can be a tough proposition in Dying Light. Thankfully we’ve got these helpful little videos for you, loaded up with tips right from the developers at Techland.
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048-009 PDP MKX Fight Pad for XBOne and XB360 angle3

Finish Him! New Mortal Kombat fight pads coming just in time for MKX

The brand new, not to mention even darker and more violent, installment of the classic fighting game series Mortal Kombat is almost here and peripheral-maker PDP has a pair of controllers ready for release to mark the occasion.
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