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NIS America’s 2017 Press Conference Round Up

NIS America held their annual press conference on Friday night. Showing a total of 19 games, the developer and publisher had something for pretty much everyone. Five games were initial reveals: Culdcept Revolt (Nintendo 3DS): Culdcept Revolt is a cross between a board game and a card game. This one looks …

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It Is Hard To Be Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

Times are tough and it is hard to be Fogotton Anne. Lost in the Forgotten Lands, Anne is policing the indigenous creatures, the Forgotttings. These magical creatures are a collection of forgotten items. Together with her partner, Bonku, these two travelers are working on getting home from the Forgotten Lands. …

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For Honor: Preview (PS4 Version)

Vikings, Knights, and Samurai, oh my! For Honor is a game that grabs a lot of attention with its premise. Vikings, Knights, and Samurai in a three way brawl. Set in a world after a great cataclysm, the three factions fought over the most basic needs, a fight that grew …

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