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Overwatch Gets Competitive!

Overwatch Gets Competitive!

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is taking it up a notch by adding a Competitive Season Mode. The new play type will provide a more challenging and serious experience, compared to the currently available Quick Play and Weekly Brawl!. Competitive Play is already a part of the PC version and will be coming to consoles soon. …

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G2A Adopts New Counter-Measures To Frauds

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Game key reseller G2A announced that the company accepts new counter-measures in dealing with criminality. So far, credit card frauds used the biggest reselling platform to quickly dispose of stolen product keys. The company wants to avoid future swindles in reference to indie developer TinyBuild. CEO of TinyBuild Alex Nichiporchik disputes …

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The Technomancer Launch

technomancer 1

The Technomancer, Spider Studio’s latest project, will release June 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will also be available for download. You are a Technomancer. A warrior with the power to harness electrical powers, amplified by cybernetic implants. Respected and feared, Technomancers are trained for combat from a young …

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A Game of Changes (PC) Review

A Game Of Changes 1

Blending puzzle platformers with the teachings of I Ching Nuno Donato brings us a wonderful take on puzzles, inspired by history. Earning the Steam Greenlight, A Game of Changes will make you think, where chance and destiny find themselves. Take the reins as Confucius, as you journey through 64 unique …

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Kombat Pack 3 For Mortal Kombat XL?


Mortal Kombat XL is the definitive edition of Mortal Kombat X. Whether you bought it as one disc or upgraded your original copy to the XL version, it presents all the DLC available for Mortal Kombat. This includes all the costumes and characters that were on the marketplace. However, Ed …

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Zubmariner DLC for Sunless Sea Enters Beta


Zubmariner DLC makes a splash into beta The Zubmariner DLC was announced for the indie game Sunless Sea back in 2015. Sunless Sea was well received for its eerily atmosphere and stories on a dark sea, full of possibility and danger. It was a unique blend of creepiness, hints of …

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The Collider 2 (PC) Review


Hello everyone, welcome to the maiden review of my Brutal Gamer career. This week had me playing The Collider 2, a new game coming to us from Shortbreak Studios. Before we start with the nitty gritty technical stuff, I would like to say that I had fun with this game. …

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Overwatch Is Getting Competitive

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Overwatch is the fresh, new IP from Blizzard and has been received with open arms by gamers everywhere. However, Blizzard is looking to expand the game modes already available, by adding a more competitive mode. Competitive play will be a far more serious experience for players. This new mode will …

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