Fallout CHAT-2

Indulge in a little Fallout insanity with Fallout C.H.A.T.

You know what makes your smartphone S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? Fallout C.H.A.T., that’s what.
Posted 11 Nov 2015 | Android, Apple, News | 0 Comments

Tales from the Borderlands, Episode 5: The Vault of the Traveler (PC) Review

Handsome Jack has offered you control of all of Hyperion.
Posted 04 Nov 2015 | Android, Mac, PC, PC Reviews, PS3, PS4, Reviews, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Seek Thermal Camera hero

Seek Compact Thermal Camera (iOS) Review

The Seek Compact Thermal Camera for mobile devices is one of the coolest smartphone add-ons we’ve seen.
Posted 29 Oct 2015 | Android, Apple, Hardware, News, Reviews, technology | 0 Comments
CTRLR Mobile GamePad

Mad Catz updates their CTRLR to play nice with PC games

Already a pretty terrific Android pad, Mad Catz’ CTRLR is about to become another option for PC gamers.
Posted 16 Oct 2015 | Android, News, past, PC, technology | 0 Comments

Movember Gets Its Own iOS Game

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your moustaches!
Posted 14 Oct 2015 | Android, Indie, iPad, iphone | 0 Comments

Dim Light (iOS) Review

Dim Light takes a simple game mechanic and creates a rather simple, yet effective game. Taking the premise of real life horror mazes, this game by BeomSu Oh tasks players with escaping from the pitch-black madness. Upon opening the game i was automatically forced to liken it to ‘Limbo’ due…
Posted 07 Oct 2015 | Android, Apple, iOS, News, past, Reviews | 0 Comments
Heroes Reborn: Enigma

HEROES REBORN: ENIGMA – continue the tale this fall

HEROES REBORN: ENIGMA is the first of two HEROES REBORN games to immerse you into the Heroes universe.
Posted 28 Sep 2015 | Android, Indie, iPad, iphone, News | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: Steamworld Heist

Robbing ships and shooting the bad guys.
Posted 26 Sep 2015 | 3DS, Android, Expo, Indie, PC, PS Vita, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One | 0 Comments

EGX Hands-On: Perlinoid

Colour based alien puzzling abounds.
Posted 25 Sep 2015 | Android, Expo, Indie, Mac, PC | 0 Comments

Need For Speed: No Limits Teasers Revealed

Coming Later this year from EA (Electronic arts), Need for speed: No Limits is a new instalment in the racing series, made exclusively for mobile devices. Firemonkeys are at the helm, the company behind Real Racing. This instalment of the racing series see’s players leaving their mark on the streets…
Posted 24 Sep 2015 | Android, Apple, Hangout, iPad, iphone, Preview | 0 Comments

Looks like Konami is done with console games- except for PES

The soccer series known as PES will go on, but it definitely seems as though Konami is all done with making console games.
Posted 18 Sep 2015 | Android, Apple, industry, News | 0 Comments

Star Wars: Uprising picks up the story after Return of the Jedi this week

The next entry in official Star Wars canon arrives this week in the form of mobile game Star Wars: Uprising.
Posted 08 Sep 2015 | Android, Apple, News | 0 Comments

Konami outlines Metal Gear Solid companion app

Ready to add a second screen to your Metal Gear Solid V experience? Then you’re going to want the companion app from Konami.
Posted 31 Aug 2015 | Android, Apple, News, PS3, PS4, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Klaus: A Puzzle Game We Can’t Wait to Crack

Waking up in a basement with no memory of who you are, let alone how you got there. The only clue is “KLAUS” written on your arm. This isn’t a new Deus Ex, this is Klaus.
Posted 06 Aug 2015 | Android, Indie, industry, iphone, News, Preview, PS Vita, PS4, Sony | 0 Comments
gabe knight comic

Adventure game classic Gabriel Knight comes to tablets

You’ll be able to take Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition with you on the go starting this week.
Posted 21 Jul 2015 | Android, Apple, Comics, Mac, News, PC | 0 Comments
Game of Thrones nest of vipers

The penultimate chapter of Telltale’s Game of Thrones arrives next week

A Nest of Vipers indeed, Game of Thrones winds up into it’s next-to-last installment.
Posted 17 Jul 2015 | Android, Apple, Mac, News, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
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