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PGA Tour 2K21 (PC) Review

As an entire newbie to the sport of golf, I must tell you: I have had a blast, playing through the tournament on PGA TOUR 2K21. Let me tell you more…


Call it a runway if you like, but the world of golf tournaments can be fashion forward displays for some of these players. Whether they are sporting monotone colors from head to toe, to statement signature color pieces: it’s all planned for effects. Anyone following golf knows that there are an assortment of findings on the fairway. Some players wear certain colors on certain days or specific courses. They could be like their baseball counterparts, and have a lucky watch. Now you can too, if that’s your style.

Is purple your favorite color? You’re in luck, we can find you several things to sport. Maybe you’re a fan of the Pacific Northwest’s signature 90’s bucket hat? We’ve got a few of those as well. I found myself in a bit of disbelief at the abundance of options for the way you can dress your player.

2K21 offers 4 levels of attire, for when you aim to win the tournament for yourself. Casual attire for a random day on the greens and a variety between first round up to the fourth round, so you can always keep your look as fresh as the courses.



The day I got my hands on PGA TOUR 2K21, I dove right in. In fact, I played 54 holes that night! I am a golf fan, but normally after 18 holes, I need to find a hammock and put my feet up. PGA TOUR 2K21 has an impressive breakdown of the gameplay mechanics.

Talk about realistic: just as when you’re on the course, if you jog that joystick too far to the left or right , you’ll find yourself with an undesired slice. I think I have done this on about one third of my drives. Now, I am nowhere near being able to drive a ball 300 yards like those in this game, but it makes golf seem a lot more dramatic when you can get within 25 yards of the pin in a hole or two.

I did enjoy the variety with in the game. You have the opportunity to play for sponsors, giving you the opportunity to earn new gear, from hats and shoes to new drivers. And then there is the friendly competition. You will be paired against a similarly skilled pro. The game, just like the PGA Tour announcers, will keep an eye on the both of you, and see who has a better round. These competitions will earn you a bit of extra swag for the course as well.

I did encounter one annoyance with my setup, and at the time that I got my copy to review, I was informed that this was a known issue they were working on. Certain controllers would require a button combo to be pressed in sequence, before your game would launch. This is not a big deal, once you are aware of how to handle it. When you first encounter it however, you think there’s something wrong with your machine. The game just hangs at the loading screen. The combination is different depending on what brand of controller you are using with your PC.


PGA Tour 2K21 has been quite the hidden gem for me. Kick back, and see if you can muster that flop shot at 80% power, and not lose your ball in the water. Not to mention what the wind will do to you, so you’ll have to change the angle of attack and add some backspin. It’s amazing how a sport that appears so leisurely on the surface can be so cerebral underneath.I would definately recommend picking up a copy for those rainy or snowy days when you really want to get to the links, but it just isn’t going to happen.

Home on the Range!

Looks - 86%
Excitement - 90%
Replayability - 85%


Hole in One!

If you're into golf even a little bit, I would recommend adding this to your collection. Can you beat Justin Thomas?

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