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Wave 2 of Super7’s Thundercats up for pre-order

That first wave might’ve been all “Ultimate” editions of previously released figures, but wave 2 of Super7’s Thundercats are all new. Mostly.

Thundercats HOOO

It’s been such a weird road for the new line of Thundercats figures. The false start with Mattel though, eventually led to Super7’s taking the ball and running with it.

Wave 1, released last year, was a selection of Ultimate versions of previously released figures. Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman, and the ancient form of Mumm-Ra were all in there, with added parts differentiating them from the Mattel versions.

Now that we’re onto wave 2 though, we’re getting the brand new, never before seen stuff. Pumiyra is the sole leftover, though she’s been beefed up with new accessories as well. As for the rest?

Fan favorite Tygra, Grune the Destroyer, and an incredible looking “monster form” Mumm-Ra are all on tap.

Again all four are currently ready for pre-order from online storefronts, including Super7’s own site. If you order from Entertainment Earth though, BG will get a small commission for the sales.

Each figure will run you $44.99 USD, except Mumm-Ra. The bug guy will be $59.99 USD. Click the links below to order up from EE.

  • ThunderCats Ultimates Mumm-Ra with Ma-Mutt 7-Inch Figures
    • “Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to MUMM-RA, THE EVER-LIVING!” Mumm-Ra’s presence is overwhelming and huge and the Mumm-Ra ULTIMATES! Figure is the same! Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living stands at 9-inches tall, a full two-inches taller than the other Thundercats ULTIMATES! Figures! Mumm-Ra is accompanied by his ferociously loyal pet Ma-Mutt who is fully articulated and 2-inches in scale. Mumm-Ra will also come with these accessories:
    • Key of Thundera 
    • Mighty Gyroscope Regulator 
    • Extended sword of Plun-Darr 
    • Soft Cloth Cape 
    • Alternate Head 
    • Alternate Hands
  • ThunderCats Ultimates Tygra 7-Inch Action Figure
    • “Good is not that easily defeated by evil.” The scientist warrior Tygra stands 7-inches tall and will come with these accessories:
    • Solid Whip
    • String Whip 
    • Retracted whip
    • Alternate Head
    • Alternate Hands
  • ThunderCats Ultimates Grune the Destroyer 7-Inch Figure
    • “Come meet your fate, Thundercats! Grune the Destroyer has come for his revenge!” The treacherous Grune the Destroyer stands 7-inches tall and will come with these accessories:
    • Club
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Seal of Grune Broken
    • Seal of Grune
    • Broken Sword of Omens
    • Alternate Armor with Thundercats Logo
    • Alternate Head
    • Alternate Hands

All in all, that’s a lot of cool stuff for Thundercats fans to look forward too. It is just a tad bitter-sweet though, since these aren’t scheduled to ship till December. Yep, they’re basically a year away.

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