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New Stardew Valley’s development team’s project teaser

The next Stardew Valley-style game is well on its way, as seen by the new picture that’s been posted by Finn Brice, CEO and designer of Chucklefish.

While it’s not a game by the maker of Stardew Valley himself, Corcerned Ape, we can still have good hope that it captures the charm of it. It’s made by the development team of Chucklefish that ported the game and made multiplayer possible.

From what little has been released so far, we can at least be certain that it takes some inspiration from the world of Harry Potter. That much has been confirmed by Brice in an interview from earlier this year by PC Gamer.

Though Brice only mentioned Harry Potter, if you take a look at the three girls on the left in the picture, it seems the game may be getting inspiration from Little Witch Academia as well (can you spot Lotte?).

We’ll keep you posted as information comes out.


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