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Are pre-orders already done for the SNES Classic?

Did you manage to get a NES Classic last year? Were you hoping to get an SNES Classic this year? Well unless you already logged your preorder, you might be out of luck.

Classic, part deux

Is the SNES Classic already sold out?! I mean, seriously, is it? It’s starting to look like it might be, even though I don’t think it’s ever been in stock as a pre-order at big boxes like Best Buy. But should that really come as a shock to anyone?

Even Amazon looks to be sold out of the unit as of now, and website MCV is reporting that GAME in the UK sold out of them “almost instantly”. But what about stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy?

Well honestly -and I can only speak from my own vantage- I never even saw them in stock to begin with (and I even signed up for the alert email). That might mean that they weren’t available yet at al in the US though. A quick search of GameStop shows not even a listing, so I imagine we’ve yet to see them pre-sale the thing. Fingers crossed.

Still, if the NES Classic is anything to go by, this all probably shakes out to mean one thing – the SNES is going to be startlingly tough to find. Long lines in stores, instant sell-outs online, and scalpers stacking up as far as the eye can see to grab all available stock, might mean another Holiday season of disappointment for retro gamers.

As a big Nintendo fan myself, that’s another pretty big bummer for me. I tried in vain to snag a NES last year, and that was an exercise that ended in failure. I still check eBay on occasion for one, and the prices are holding fairly steady at around $200 USD.

And now it’s kind of feeling like the same thing all over again.

To make matters even worse, Nintendo is apparently only committing to selling the SNES Classic through the Holiday season. That’s right, the shipping period will be September through December. Will there be more in 2018? I’d like to think so, but with the NES Classic getting the axe (even with sales through the roof), I’m thinking no.

So what can you do? Well, honestly just keep checking major online retailers and hope you get lucky. That seems to be the only way to at least have a fighting chance at snagging one of these tiny lil SNES’ right now.

Read the link below for more, including that statement from Nintendo, and stay tuned. We’ll have further developments as they pop up.

Source: MCV

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