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Bigben and Games Workshop make new Warhammer game official

Another week, another Warhammer game. Kinda seems that way, no? Just a tad different though, this new title will be based on the Old World.

The war against Chaos

Nope, there won’t be any Space Marines in this one. That’s ’cause the as yet unnamed Warhammer title from Bigben, developer Eko Software, and Games Workshop is based on the Old World. A high-fantasy setting, Warhammer’s Old World is straight up sword and sorcery awesomeness. It’s also a universe that’s not seen all that often in video games.

Sure, there’ve been a few, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a glut or anything. And not even close to the amount of games that the 40k universe sees. This one sounds like it has a chance to be pretty cool too, as it’s a hack’n’slash that Bigben says will have some innovation to it.

“We are very pleased to work with Games Workshop developing a game which draws from the incredible potential of the Warhammer world. The Eko Software and Bigben teams have long been fans of this franchise from day one, including myself. Warhammer Fantasy Battles is well suited to offer players something quite innovative in the timeless hack & slash genre.” affirmed Benoit Clerc, Director of Video Games at Bigben.

“We’re really pleased to start this new partnership with Bigben, and this project will be an amazing opportunity for gamers to experience an epic story in the first Hack N’ Slash game set in the classic Warhammer Fantasy world. Eko did a great job with their How To Survive series and we’re confident they are going to do something amazing with our IP. I know the Bigben and Eko staff are massive fans of our lore and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.” declared Jon Gillard, Head of Licensing at Games Workshop.

As for specifics, there aren’t any… yet

Bigben says that info on “story, key realms and geography, the platforms and playable races will be unveiled shortly.” So this is just a kind of ‘get it out there’ kind of announcement. If you’re into the source material though (I am), then that might be enough to get you excited (it is for me).

Sit tight, we’ll have more as it’s released.

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