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Nintendo says Switch footage was taken from a stolen console

Have you seen that footage of the Switch’s operating system floating around? Well Nintendo says that the console seen in that, was stolen.

Stolen Switch?

You’ve probably seen it. There was a video rolling around last week that not only showed off the Switch’s hardware, but also it’s OS. And this went so incredibly deep into the upcoming Nintendo console, because it was actually in a user’s hands.

At the time, it was said that the console was a slip up, a pre-order that was shipped out a half a month early. Though, as you might imagine, that wasn’t the case. Well, according to Nintendo anyway. the company explained to IGN that the unit in question was one of a few that had been stolen from a US-based distributor. The alleged thieves? Employees of that distributor.

Though no names were used in the claim, it’s easy to imagine that this could happen. Actually, it’s kind of funny that it doesn’t happen way more often. Then again, that might be because there are real-world repercussions from something like this. Yep, theft is still a crime folks, and one that will land you in some hot water.

According to Nintendo, the persons in question have indeed been located, terminated, and are undergoing a police investigation. So, you know, don’t steal stuff.

The Nintendo Switch hits retail on March 3rd.

Source: IGN

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