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A Look Back: Video game worlds and those who (want to) live in them

With a flurry of some amazing games scheduled to make their debuts this summer, we at wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite video game worlds that have come before. And as always, if you want to weigh on on where you would like to end up, please, let us know!

Article was originally posted on Nov 21, 2014…

So this week we at BG were throwing around the notion of actually living in the video game worlds and universes in some of our favorite games and what that might be like. As with most things, we figured we’d share with you, our loyal readers.

The Mushroom Kingdom

The Mushroom Kingdom might be a nice place to live, just watch out for Koopas.

Video game worlds aren’t the most… practical of places. After all, there aren’t a whole lot of them based on getting your rear-end up and out of bed in order to make the train to work. Or fighting through traffic on your way to a concert or baseball game. Personally, I doubt there’d be too many people lining up to play something like that.

It’s much more fun to dress up in a powered-up set of armor and cruise the spaceways, or maybe even draw your sword and shield and go adventuring in the countryside. I hear there are dragons out there to defeat you know. The thing is though, while worlds filled with danger and daring do are great when you’re the hero, what if you were just an average, everyday guy or gal?

What if your regular weekday involved dodging orc patrols on your way to the local caravan? Or hoping against hope that the Covenant don’t take a liking to your fringe colony and invade? If you weren’t a hero, or even close to being one, would you really want to make some of these worlds your home?

Staff thoughts

Here’s what some of the staff had to say about it:

Jake C – US Staff Writer

Kalos Region from Pokemon X & Y

My first thought was going to be my Town from Animal Crossing, but the more I thought about it. I realized “Well what about the Hoenn Region?”. That’s right, my choice, for any game world that I could live in is without a doubt the Kalos Region from Pokemon X&Y. Why that specific one? Well I narrowed it down to my three favorites, Kanto, Sinnoh, and Kalos. Kanto had too many caves to go through and Sinnoh had a similar problem.

Kalos is gorgeous, and I would love to live in Lumiose City or Coumarine City. Funny enough, X (the version I played first) is actually one of my less favorite Pokemon games (my favorite being Red). I was in love with Kalos since the moment I started the game. The France-esque design of the country is amazing. Even if I weren’t the trainer to beat the Elite Four and (the admittedly rather dumb) Team Flare, I’d still love to have a few Pokemon of my own and live in nice little city somewhere on the island.

Lisa – US Staff Writer

Tamriel from The Elder Scrolls series

The land of Tamriel would be my first choice. It is basically the video game embodiment of the world I’ve always wanted to inhabit. I am a huge fantasy nerd so if there are dragons, elves, and magic, I’ve already packed my bags. I chose The Elder Scrolls over other fantasy video games because, while there is some divisions among the genders, women still have some agency.

Karliah of the Nightingales and Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood are two great examples from just Skyrim. Even as a regular citizen and not the Dragon Born, I would still have so many options. Also, the land is beautiful and varied. Too cold in Skyrim, just take a quick jaunt over to the blistering heat and ash filled skies of Morrowind. Take a summer vacation to Cyrodiil, visiting the Imperial City to see where the corruption takes place. Tamriel is my video game American Dream. Please excuse me while I practice my magic and pick pocketing.

Carter – US Staff Writer

Calradia from Mount and Blade: Warband

The one game world that comes to mind for me is Mount and Blade: Warband. The world of Calradia is a faux medieval Europe, with multiple factions and kings fighting for total dominance over all of Calradia. In Warband there aren’t heroes in the traditional sense, but the ‘regular’ citizens of Calradia do exist.

In Calradia anyone can work their way up to vassals or kings, which is why I would choose this game world. At first I wanted to pick Assassins Creed II, because renaissance Italy is such a beautiful place, but most people were very poor, and unless you were born into a rich family, you were SOL. Therefore Calradia became the better option.


Mack – Senior Editor

Forgotten Realms – Dungeon’s & DragonCall me crazy, but if I were going to find a video game universe to join, I would delve into the Forgotten Realms. heroes-from-forgotten-realmsBeautiful landscapes, numerous races, magical creatures, and mythical deities. I have long been a fan of beautifully planned RPGs, and Forgotten Realms is been a popular destination for going on thirty years. Sure, there are the dangers of dragons and thiefs, but where else would you be able to find a scarab of protection, or boots of levitation?

Growing up reading stories of magical weapons, playing games in quest of outrageous riches, and barely surviving horrendous beasts. It would be a dangerous life, but it could be incredibly rewarding.


Jason – Editor-in-Chief

The Halo Universe

My choice is a little different than everybody else’s for the simple reason that it’s a general ‘universe’ and not just a specific planet, or country. Instead, I’d love to have a little ship to call my own. To traverse the limitless expanse of space in the Halo Universe.

Much less dangerous now, after the end of the Covenant war (spoiler alert), the Halo Universe is teeming with cool stuff to see and do, and seemingly very little in the way of stopping you from doing just that. Well, as long as your ship is fast and/or well armed that is. Imagine flying to a Forerunner construct world and taking in the man-made beauty of it. Or discovering long-lost ruins from some long forgotten outpost from thousands of years ago. Heck, Earth is probably pretty safe at this point too. So heading home to relax in the midst of all they high-tech luxury isn’t out of the question either.

All in all, it’d be a pretty awesome place to live… as long as another war doesn’t break out. And the Flood doesn’t return. And the Didact doesn’t resurrect and come calling on the old homeworld. …other than that though, its great!

Wrapping Up

So those are our favorite places in all of gaming. The places where we’d love to settle down and live that video game life. The life that can only be had in the realms of fiction- but what are yours?

What video game worlds would you love to call home? Do you see yourself as a townsperson in the land of Dragon Age? Maybe even a Toad-y in the Mushroom Kingdom? Let us know what you think and where you’d hang your hat in the comments below.

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