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Dying Light’s Ultimate Survivor bundle and free update launch today

The Ultimate Survivor bundle for Techland’s Dying Light includes some new weapons and clothing choices, and the free update will knock you on your backside, thanks to the new ‘Hard Mode’.

I’m not usually one for ‘clothing’ DLC, but I dig those outfits man. Especially that ninja suit, that’s just badass in all the best ways. And badass is something that you’ll need to be to stand a chance in the all-new Hard Mode by the way. Not that Dying Light is an overly easy affair as it is, but if you activate this particular mode, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Hard Mode adds in an extra level of difficulty and amps up the ‘realism’ (in a zombie game?), though that’s not all you’ll be getting in this free download (which is officially patch 1.4). You can also expect to see a brand new tier to the weapon rarity level, as well as more weapons in general, and some new outfits (none of which is seen in the above video). There are also a bunch of “improvements to the game’s performance, gameplay balance, online functions, and visual fidelity” included here as well, and who doesn’t like a little post-release support?

As for the Ultimate Survival release, which is also taking place today, that’ll include the contents of that trailer, which means you’ll be getting the Ninja, Urban Explorer, and Special Agent outfits, and your arsenal is getting a bump with the Constable, Night Club, Lacerator, and Buzz Killer weapons. All in all a pretty nice set of kit. Though it’s not free, the Ultimate Survival bundle isn’t too expensive and will run you $4.99 USD. It’s also a part of the Season Pass, so if you bought in for that, then just get to downloading ASAP, because you’re a ninja now. A ninja who kills zombies.

All of the above is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of the game- which, if you haven’t played yet, you really should.

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