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Make that smartphone into a personal 60″ screen with VueXL VX1

The new head-mounted device works with any smartphone to transform your gaming and movie watching experience into something… a lot bigger.

VR headsets and the like are all the rage now (thanks Oculus), and VueXL’s VX1 headset is adapting that basic thought for adaptation to smartphones. Though this isn’t a ‘virtual reality’ experience, this particular headset can be used for anything from streaming content like movies and TV shows, to playing some of the biggest mobile games of today. The website even mentions using it to record POV video, which is a cool idea.

“With reports suggesting smartphone gaming will continue to outpace console gaming we saw an opportunity to develop an accessory that would bring the immersive experience that one has come to expect from consoles like PS4 and XBOX,” explains VueXL co-founder Brandon Cruz. “We’re confident gamers and video enthusiasts will love the VX1 because they can use it with games and apps they already own and have a more engaging video watching experience using popular video streaming services such as, YouTube, Hulu and Netflix.”

Basically, here’s how it works; the VX1 uses customizable magnification (four different lenses are included) to bring a big-screen feel to your mobile device. So it gets your entertainment right up and in your face. The VX1 is available in two sizes as well, and is fully adjustable, so you can fit pretty much whatever smartphone you happen to have into its housing.

It’s also fully compatible with those who wear glasses, has a set of removable (to access touch screens) privacy panels that block out the rest of the world as you play/watch, and a clip that attaches it right onto any hat (presumably baseball cap style) to hold it in place. Oh, and it won’t get in the way of headphones or block connectivity with gamepads either, so you can get the full experience of your games.

I’m kind of surprised, but this is a pretty cool little device. I’m interested to see just how the visuals are amplified, because of course that’s not an easy thing to get across online in videos or still pictures. But if it works, this could be a nice and easy way to get you favorite mobile games all blown-up and larger than life.

The VX1 is currently in the pre-order stage, and can be reserved for the cost of $26.00 USD and up (depending on the model) by clicking here. The unit ships in May.

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