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Take a look at paradise lost in Destiny’s newest trailer

In Destiny, Venus was a paradise for humanity. That was before the fall.

Bungie continues to show off the various locales that you’ll be able to visit and blast away at in the rapidly approaching Destiny. This particular planet, is Venus, a world that we know to be inhospitable to life, but one that was a hub of activity in Destiny’s universe. Now of course, it’s a post-apocalyptic , life after people-looking place, loaded with hostiles who don’t dig mankind all that much.

Each location that we’ve seen detailed so far, from Mars to Venus here, has been radically different in design and scope. For a game that’s touting the fact that you can explore the different worlds of our solar system, that’s a very good thing indeed as it should keep gamer’s entertained as they route the various alien races that’ve taken up residence in what used to be human-held worlds.

Not too much longer now Guardians, Destiny launches on the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on September 9th.

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