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Deathtrap presents Monster Training Academy

I’m getting the feeling from this trailer, that there aren’t a lot of graduates from Deathtrap.

Yeah, that didn’t really turn out all that well for the little fella. Not the rat mind you, he did fine, but that poor lil goblin…

In any event, Deathtrap is the newest game from Van Helsing series developer NeocoreGames. There’s precious little in the way of news about the upcoming title, but the developer is teasing it with the slogan “monsters, traps, death, blood, guts and cuteness” and also saying that the title will be episodic with this being a tease for the first.

It might just be me, but I’m getting a distinct Dungeon Keeper vibe off this one. And with most gamers remembering that series¬†quite fondly, that’d be a very good thin indeed. Sit tight, we’ll have more on Deathtrap around Gamescom time.

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