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Nintendo misses financial forecast again, posts huge loss

The gaming giant that is Nintendo continues to slide in the financial arena as they take a beating in 2013 and post a massive $230 million loss.

Better days for one of the greatest companies in the industry…

How much longer can this continue? It’s anyones guess as yet again Nintendo has posted a loss, this time for the year ending March 31st (fiscal years are different than actual years, which end of course on December 31st). Even worse, Nintendo announced that not only were Wii U sales once again not there, but even normally reliable 3DS sales slipped in the four quarter timeframe.

In it’s first full 12 months on sale, the Wii U sold just 2.72 million systems. That’s a paltry number, and even worse when you consider that the console sold more than that (3.45 million) in the year 2012, when it had just been on sale for four months. As for the current year, the company has announced that they’re looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.6million of consoles to go out the door, which is still a woeful figure, but better by a landslide than what it had done in 2013.

What’s supplying this future turnaround? Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros says Nintendo. Personally, while I love Mario Kart and can definitely see the appeal of Smash Bros, I just can’t imagine that the pair of titles could carry the console to something of a turnabout, even one as relatively small as what’s been talked about.

As for the 3DS, things are definitely rosier there, if not by much The little handheld that could has posted sales hitting the 12.24 million mark, which includes all the different variations of the system out there on shelves. Yes, that’s a pretty great number, but not as great as the 13.95 million 3DS’ that they sold in 2012. What’s more, Nintendo says that they expect the portable to continue to decline and hit somewhere around 12 million in sales for this current fiscal year.

Thought the 3DS has been out for a while and the decline there could be said to be simply because of the console’s age, the Wii U has no such excuse and is getting soundly trounced by both the Xbox One (which has already posted 5 million units sold) and the current market leader, the PS4 (which has moved 7 million). If Nintendo expects the Wii U to try and play any ind of catchup here in 2014, they’re going to need more than just a double dose of Mario.

Personally, I hope we see something truly incredible from them at E3 next month, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Christopher Deleanides

    It can continue for a while, considering their war chest and 3DS profits; I would say the question is how long are the investors willing to let it continue? With Iwata facing the June of trials, there definitely is going to be a change. In fact, he has to change. I agree, Mario Kart 8 and Smash, while great; aren’t really enough on their own. We need some heavy hitters like Bayonetta 2 and X on the way.

    One possible solution in getting them out faster without rushing design is cutting corners on the language dubbing. Most people probably wouldn’t mind settling for just a subs in English, Spanish, etc., in fact I’m one of them. I just want them to come to the west once and for all. My guess would be that Iwata will budge on one or both of these games. He absolutely needs to.

  2. That’s a good idea about the subtitles. It actually might add a cool ‘niche’ element to Nintendo too. Something that they really haven’t had before.

    As for their war chest, you’re on target there too Chris. They’re not going away anytime soon, but I just worry about this constant downward sliding and what it might do for the company in general. Particularly to the way that your average gamer views them. Would a non-Nintendo fan invest in the Wii U with all this bad press? That’s a question I don’t know the answer to.

  3. Christopher Deleanides

    Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this situation is just fine. More-so that I’m worried about what investors will do in response to the losses, rather than the losses themselves; but yeah, as you said, losses are never good for a company.

    As for the bad press, it does influence consumer decisions. I imagine this is partially why Nintendo decided to go with Nintendo Directs. Sony even tried their own form at one point, and I believe Microsoft is thinking about doing something similar themselves. I don’t necessarily think black marketing or bad press is a sure-fire thing, but it definitely is somewhat affective.

    Oh and I’m glad you like the idea. I only wish Nintendo would adopt it. They’re probably too stubborn, but if Iwata would just bend on that one thing, I think it would help tremendously.

  4. Definitely. So much reason right now to remove Iwata, or at the very least, make a sharp course correction.

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