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Zelda DLC for Sonic Lost World scheduled for tomorrow

A rather bizarre crossover is going to take place in the form of free DLC for Sonic Lost World. A Legend of Zelda theme is planned for release tomorrow.

A trailer for the new DLC has also been released, see for yourself. This marks the second time Sonic Lost World had some form of a crossover, the first was a Yoshi theme. Sonic is dressed in Link’s garb, collects rupees, and fights off all sorts of monsters from Link’s world. You can even see Link himself in the footage. The DLC is available only for the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World.



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  1. I know you didn’t think too much of the game itself Chris, but these DLCs are pretty cool. And free too, can’t beat that!

  2. Christopher Deleanides

    What did you think of the game Jason? I never did get your opinion on it. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts. As for the DLC, I think it’s pretty neat; and as you said, free at that. That’s part of why I like Nintendo so much. They don’t overload you with pay walls.

  3. Always a good thing.

    I definitely liked it more than you did, but I also see a lot of your points. Not the worst Sonic game ever but not the greatest either – and a definite letdown after Generations, which I really liked a whole lot.

  4. Christopher Deleanides

    Well I’m glad to see you had a better experience than me. I didn’t want to seem overly harsh, it’s just that frustrating game mechanics get to me. I tend to emphasize polish the most.

    Oh and yeah, definitely not the worst Sonic game. I’ve played worse, way worse. Generations was amazing though, I loved that game. Pop it into my PS3 every once in a while for a quick run of some levels.

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