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Divinity: Original Sin gets a release date, celebrates with new trailer

If you’re an RPG fan, you’re going to want to check out Divinity: Original Sin.

Frankly, this is one of the best looking RPG’s I’ve seen in a while. A good long while actually. Divinity: Original Sin definitely plays off of the more traditional aspects of the genre, but has some awesome looking graphics and a sense of humor that fans of the series are probably more than familiar with at this point. Larian Studios has kind of made it their ‘thing’ by this point.

Making excellent RPG’s is also kind of their thing as the series has built up an impressive fan-following and the recent;y released Dragon Commander was actually one of our highest rated PC games of 2013. Bottom line; if you’re not playing their games, you might want to start. Currently in Early Access on Steam, you can actually buy-in right now and give feedback directly to the developers, or wait till the finished product hits digital store shelves.

Larian has officially announced that the game is on the way this Spring (and pokes a little bit of fun at Game of Thrones to boot with its ‘Spring is Coming’ tagline). That’s probably a little later than folks might have thought, but Larian says they’re taking the time to take many of the suggestions of fans playing that Early Access version to heart and “make it right and polished”. Can’t fault ’em for that.

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