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Preview: Archer & Armstrong #0

Zero hour is here for Archer & Armstrong as we go back in time to the foundations of humanity and ancient Sumer for the (true!) Epic of Gilgamesh.

Here, for the first time, the one hundred percent true story of the Epic of Gilgamesh can finally be told… A tale of three warriors, the adventuring Anni-Padda – three immortal brothers that would one day roam the Valiant Universe as Armstrong, the Eternal Warrior, and the mysterious Timewalker – on a quest from the city-state of Ur to the mythical Faraway to recover the Boon… And their sword-swinging conquest of a land beyond time itself… A land inhabited by man-eating brutes, futuristic technology, and perhaps the greatest secret in all of the Valiant Universe!

Number one, I’m a sucker for the ancient world and the myths and legends that go hand in hand with it- Number two, I’m a sucker for Archer & Armstrong. If you read Brutal Gamer (and these Valiant Previews more specifically) though, you already know that last part.

A&A has very quickly become one of the most purely enjoyable reads in comics and I can honestly say that I’m always a little disappointed when an issue comes to a close. Bottom line- pick up the 0 issue. It’s an awesome jumping on point for new readers and I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed- unless you hate fun or something…

Look for Archer & Armstrong #0 on stands on May 8th. Then watch for the next issue (running) of the book to hit after that with issue #10 on June 6th- it starts off an arch titled ‘Far Faraway’ and takes the duo right back to the mythical land from issue #0.

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