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Jango is back. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is coming back this summer

A title that fans haven’t seen since it’s launch in 2002, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is returning to consoles and the PC.

The best of the best

It has been a long time, since we’ve seen Jango Fett in video game action. That’s just what Star Wars fans got though, in 2002’s Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. One of the key figures in the prequel era of films and genetic template for the Republic’s clone army, the game centered on a pre-Attack of the Clones Fett, and the events that led into the movie’s action.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter let players make use of Fett’s full assortment of abilities, including his twin pistols and iconic jetpack. Past the original PS2 release, the game made its way to the Gamecube, but that was about it… until now. Today publisher Aspyr announced that it’ll be bringing the title back around, and in upgraded form.

Become the most feared Bounty Hunter in the galaxy! As Jango Fett, you’ll have to jump, jetpack, climb, and maneuver in this iconic action-adventure game featuring a variety of visual improvements on modern platforms, as well as Steam Deck support and a number of DualSense controller features for PlayStation 5 players.

And for the first time ever, if the campaign is completed, players can unlock a new Boba Fett skin for their next playthrough, paying off a notorious easter egg from the original game!

Aspyr press release

Along with what certainly sounds like the full original adventure, the remaster of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter will feature “visual enhancements, improved environmental textures, new dynamic lighting effects, and a new flashlight tool for navigating dark places.” That flashlight should come in handy, and is a nice touch as it builds out the game a tad, more than just in the way of presentation.

Ready to engage with the mysterious “Dark Jedi” and hunt down the scum of the galaxy? Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is set to hit Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the Switch, and the PC on August 1st, 2024.

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