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Cyber-noir adventure “Nobody Wants to Die” arrives next month

Looking great in its latest trailer, Nobody Wants to Die has an official release date. Surprise, it’s launching next month.

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Did you see the first mention of Nobody Wants to Die, from developer Critical Hit Games and PLAION? They reveal wasn’t all that long ago, and while the game looked terrific, we thought it might still be a ways off. Not so though, as PLAION has revealed that the far-future, cyber-sleuthing, noir-soaked adventure will be landing this very summer.

If you’re not familiar with the name, Nobody Wants to Die casts players as an NYC detective James Karra in the year 2329. His is an age where humans have adapted to death itself, transferring their consciousness’ into new bodies when they age-out. But as you can imagine, in a world where immortality is possible, murdering someone who’s a subscriber to said immortality… well it’s looked upon even less fondly that any other kind of killing.

But in Nobody Wants to Die, that’s just what’s happening. And it’s when Karra starts investigating the latest murder, that things start to get interesting. That’ll happen though, when you have a device that can more or less see through time, reconstructing crime scenes and uncovering things that certain parties wanted hidden.

“Our priority is to deliver a great narrative and graphical experience in our dystopian world,” said Critical Hit Games CEO and Lead Game Designer, Grzegorz Goleń. “In Nobody Wants to Die, we give the player an opportunity to investigate a killer and uncover the dark secrets of the city, using the innovative in-game tools and their own moral compass as a guide.”

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That’s your first real look at Nobody Wants to Die’s actually gameplay in that trailer. As you can see, it’s not a game about off the wall action, instead focusing on actual detective work. Even so though, it does seem like Karra’s sidearm might come in handy. And if that’s the case, then we might be getting another gameplay look sooner than later, since the aforementioned release date is coming up very fast.

Packed in with the first-look, is that release date, as PLAION has unveiled a July 17th, 2024 launch for Nobody Wants to Die. Prospective players will see it land then, for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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