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SNK’s Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves looks towards 2025 launch

Along with a set of new trailers, SNK has taken the wraps off of the launch window for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves.

Bark at the moon

It’s a little hard to believe, especially given the stature of Fatal Fury, but there hasn’t been a new game in the series in 26 years. While some (all?) of the stars have been in King of Fighters, it’ was last the 90s when’ been a long time since fans were able to fire up a new entry that the property had all to itself.

So with that in mind, 2025 is going to be a bit of a big deal. At least, that’s what publisher SNK is hoping, as the company has revealed today that Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves will indeed arrive some time next year. And as you’ll see in the trailer below, it’s looking like a whole new battle.

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves will feature what Snk is calling a mix of both old and new fighters. Among those of course, is Terry Bogard, though fans will also find Rock Howard, Hotaru Futuba, Tizoc, and newcomer Preecha. The direction of old meets new won’t be just limited to the roster either, as the game will have returning mechanics, and some more modern control options.

For one thing, there’s the REV system. SNK says that this will serve up “unique offensive options from when the battle begins”. REV doesn’t sound like something that you build up then, but instead something that wears down during a match. Layers can make use of “REV Arts, REV Accel, REV Blows” and more until the limit is reached and the meter “overheats”.

The REV system is in addition to classic FF “battle systems” like “Combination Attacks, Just Defense, Braking, Dodge Attacks, and Feints”. All of those will be back for City of the Wolves, though it’s hinted at that they’ll all be a little different than when last you used them. Speaking of evolution, SNK also says that you’l have two distinct options when it comes to basic fight mechanics.

Fans will be able to deal out punishment in the classic style, so no worries there, but they’ll also be able to use “directional inputs and single button presses” to pull off big time moves. The goal there, being to welcome in as many new players as possible the wolf den.

Again though, this is all a ways off, so stay tuned for lots more about Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves.

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