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Call of Duty ‘reloads’ Season 2 with surprise Dune, Warhammer, and Godzilla x Kong crossovers

There’s a whole mess of licensed content hitting in Call of Duty’s Season 2 Reloaded this week, plus plenty of zombies.


So first of all, the crossovers aren’t the meat and potatoes of this new Season 2 Reloaded. While those might draw headlines, the current Call of Duty platform’s midseason refresh has a lot more going for it. There’s a new map for Modern Warfare 3, Warzone has a new POI, Killstreak, and Field Upgrade, and there are fresh weapons and challenges to boot.

And none of that is even touching on the zombies content, as MWZ rolls on and rises from its grave once again for more rotter-blasting action. All of the above, plus those gaudy crossover themes, will all arrive this week, on March 6th, at 9am pacific time.

Want more info? Click here for the full description, or scroll down fort the highlights.

Modern Warfare III Overview:

  • New (Remastered) 6v6 Multiplayer Map. Revisit Das Haus in a whole new location as the setting moves from a training facility to the top of a skyscraper.
  • Introducing Bounty, Juggermosh. Eliminate the HVT in Bounty for extra points, and battle as a Space Marine inspired Juggernaut in the Juggermosh limited-time mode. 
  • Vortex: Decay’s Realm. Redeploy to the Vortex with an expanded map pool featuring the new map variants Skidgrow and Airborne.

Zombies Overview:

  • New Story Mission. Continue your journey alongside Sergei Ravenov as you’re pulled back into the Dark Aether while investigating a new anomaly, presenting terrifying and exciting challenges you haven’t encountered before.
  • Dark Aether Rift. Squad up and conquer the Dark Aether once more in an all-new Dark Aether Rift, earning new and powerful rewards.
  • Battle Warlord Keres. A new Warlord enters the Exclusion Zone, a chemical warfare specialist who’s willing to use any means necessary to choke out opposing Operators.
  • New Schematics. Fire and keep on firing with the Mags of Holding. Summon an otherworldly two-wheeler with the Blood Burner Key. Expand your squad with the V-R11 Wonder Weapon.

Warzone Overview:

  • Research Vessel Mobile POI. Board the Research Vessel on Fortune’s Keep, a new mobile POI circling the island’s shoreline.
  • New Killstreak: Clear out buildings of entrenched enemies with this aerial attack that decimates anyone within the targeted location.
  • New Field Upgrade: Create a safe zone in the gas with the Portable Decontamination Station, protecting any Operators within its area of effect.

Across Both Titles:

  • Two New Weapons. Slice up the competition with the Soulrender Melee weapon and dominate the mid-range with the SOA Subverter Battle Rifle.
  • New Store Offerings. In the grim of darkness of the far future, there is only war! Warhammer 40,000 storms into the Store in Season 2 alongside Godzilla x Kong and a new Dune Bundle.
  • New Weekly Challenges, Events. Amass awesome rewards through completing new Weekly Challenges and Events going live in the mid-season.

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