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Part one of a two part demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out right now

The second part of the saga that is Square Enix’ Final Fantasy VII remake for PS5 has a double-demo, and part one just arrived.


If you played 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, then you already know that that release was just the first part of a massive project. Square Enix is remaking the legendary JRPG in grand scale, and expanding on the original in just about every way possible. Of course, some of that was a hit with die hard fans, and some, uh, less-so.

With over 7 million copies sold to date though, we’re pretty sure it’s fair to say the game found the mark for more people than it missed. And if you loved what you’ve seen thus far, you’re probably counting down the days to the launch of the sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

That title is landing this very month, on February 29th, but you can get a taste of it way ahead of time. Arrived today for the PS5, the publisher has released part one of a special two part demo, which allows fans to dive into the first chapter of this massive adventure.

Here’s a look at Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim:

The “Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim” demo features an extended flashback section, as Cloud Strife recalls an earlier mission in his career as a SOLDIER – “the Nibelheim incident.” This mission takes place five years ago prior to the setting of the game. Take control of a younger version of main protagonist Cloud Strife and the legendary Sephiroth as the two SOLDIER heroes investigate the sudden appearance of monsters in the mountains above Cloud’s hometown. When a dark truth comes to light, the course of their lives and the fate of the planet will change forever. 

Square Enix press release

Part two, comin’ at you

Dying for more already? Well, as we mentioned above, you’re going to get that chance. On February 21st, this very demo will update, and at that point it’ll open up a second brand new playable section of the full Final Fantasy VII Rebirth game, dubbed Dawn of a New Era in Junon.

In this special preview made specifically for the demo, explore a small piece of the massive in-game world around the harbor town of Junon. The Junon area featured in this demo has been altered to make the content more compact, so progress cannot be carried over to the full game. However, fans and newcomers will get a chance to experience new forms of exploration, new synergy attacks and the powerful character bonds expressed through thrilling combat.  

Square Enix press release

It’s a little bit of a bummer that progress in the second demo won’t carry over to the final edition of the game, but there’s still some bonuses to be had. Playing both early looks will net fans the Kupo Charm and Survival Set in the full game, plus the ability to skip past the sections played in the aforementioned Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim.

All you have to do to take advantage, is to make sure your game is fully updated before you start your adventure.

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