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If you missed it, here’s that surprise teaser for Bethesda and Marvel Games’ Blade

Making its debut at The Game Awards late last week, here’s the first look at the upcoming game starring Marvel’s vampire hunter.

Lock up tight

Yep, he’s back, and we’re not talking about in a movie. Blade is getting a third-person, action game from Bethesda and Marvel Games’, developed by none other than Arkane Lyon. The developer, who produced titles like Dishonored and Deathloop, will bring the hero to life in an “original story”.

From the look of the trailer, that is not gong to be an origin tale, as the Daywalker is pretty clearly well-trained and ready to stake some suck-heads by the time the action starts. What we know for sure is that the adventure will take place in Paris, in the middle of a “supernatural emergency”. Vampires have risen up and are swarming the city every nightfall.

Guess who’s in town to stop ’em?

“In honor of Blade’s 50th anniversary, we have found the perfect match for the Daywalker in Arkane Lyon, a studio of uncompromising artists who continually push the boundaries of game design and innovation,” said Bill Rosemann, VP and Creative Director of Marvel Games. “In addition to their award-winning talent, it’s their personal passion and bold vision for our half-human, half-vampire iconoclast that makes this collaboration a perfect fit.”

Arkane Lyon has just begun development on the game which will feature an original story with the studio’s signature immersive gameplay and world-class narrative. 

“As a kid of mixed origins, I felt a special connection to Blade – a hero with a dual heritage himself,” said Dinga Bakaba, Game Director, Arkane Lyon. “The opportunity to put our spin on this character is a dream of mine and a challenge that our team embraces with a passion. We couldn’t be happier to put players in Blade’s boots, as he becomes the champion of my hometown of Paris, one stake at a time.” 

Bethesda press release

If you’re a Blade fan, it’s kinda tough not to get excited for this, even with the slim first-look that leaves some big questions. For one thing, will Blade be an Xbox/PC exclusive (seems likely)? And also, whether that is or is not true, will it be taking place within the Marvel Games video game universe? That’s been so-far constrained to Sony’s PS5, with the Spider-Man games and the upcoming Wolverine, but there’s seemingly no reason it can’t be an all-encompassing setting.

Whatever the case on those questions (and any others you might have), expect to see plenty more on this vamp-slaying actioner as development continues. From the sound of it, we’ve got a ways to go since it doesn’t have a release date just yet.

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