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Oni Press kicks off the Nacelleverse in 2024, bringing together RoboForce, Biker Mice, Power Lords and more

There’s a new shared-universe coming. The Nacelleverse is set to bring together some 80s classics for fresh comic book action.

Powering up

Readers of BG will probably remember talk of the Nacelleverse, which we told you about a while back. From toy-maker Nacelle (hence the name), the Nacelleverse is both a toy line and a set of upcoming cartoon series’. The idea is to bring together a host of already known 80s and 90s properties, crossing them over and creating a cohesive universe for all of them.

Counting licenses like Biker Mice from Mars, RoboForce, and Sectors and more, it’s a very cool idea that could give some serious new life to relatively niche stuff. The toys have already started to hit, but before we even get to the animation, there’s a comic series to talk about that’s set to arrive from Oni Press.

“I’m very excited that we’ll be launching the NacelleVerse with comic books that will set up all the characters, worlds and plot lines that will be unfolding over the next 5 years as our series come to life,”

Brian Volk-Weiss, Nacelle Founder and CEO

Much like the shows, the comics will help to establish things, and presumably world-build for the properties under the Nacelle umbrella. Oni isn’t using one of the best known of those either, as its centerpiece, but instead will be bringing in The Great Garloo as what sounds like a Nick Fury-type of character.

The alien Garloo, after losing his world to disaster, is combing the stars looking to assemble a group of disparate heroes. And it definitely sounds like he’s going to find them in Oni’s series of three-issue minis that are set to begin in April.

Here’s a little preview of what to expect:

When his planet is annihilated by a cosmic disaster, the alien Great Garloo must begin a galaxy-spanning search for a new home . . . only to discover a bold new universe of champions waiting amongst the stars! From the genetically modified Sectaur warriors of the planet Symbion to the rabble-rousing Biker Mice from Mars, Garloo’s quest for safe haven will hurdle him on a one-way collision course toward 22nd Century Earth . . . where the obsolete robotic work crew called RoboForce is about to forge a new destiny . . .

Oni Press press release

We mentioned that Oni’s slate of books will kickoff in April of 2024, and that will happen in the pages of Nacellverse #0. Starring the talents of writer writer Melissa Flores, the special 48 page issue will feature a pair of artists with Suicide Squad and Realm of X alum Diogenes Neves and Francis Portela of Green Lantern and Faith fame. Look for on stands as of March 20th, 2024.

RoboForce will take up the banner from there, and that title will lead to Biker Mice and at least two more books thereafter. Here’s what the full (announced) initiative will look like:


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